Contest: #MAPOLI Indictment Bingo

As the legislative session winds down, and the ghost of Probation Department indictments haunt the halls of the State House, Red Mass Group is pleased to launch a contest.  #MAPOLI indcitment bingo.  

Here’s how to play:

Step 1) Download the PDF embedded below

Step 2) Write the names of up to 24 #mapoli politicians you think may be indicted by Carmen Ortiz or Martha Coakley in the probation scandal.

Step 3) Take a photo or scan your ballot.

Step 4) Email it to

Rules:  The entrant with five in a row (Sal Dimasi is the Free Space) will win.  If more than two entrants have five in a row, then the entrant of those that have five in a row, with the most squares filled will win.  Entries will be accepted up until one hour before either indictments are unsealed, or a news story leaks the indictments.

The Prize: A copy of The Tyranny of Cliches by Jonah Goldberg.  

Good Luck.

Indictment Bingo

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