Brown’s rejoinder to Warren’s “You didn’t build that” rant keeping up with her’s on YouTube

Update: I didn’t see the video linked by a commenter below.  The Warren video stands at 900,000 views.  I stand corrected

Scott Brown’s video rejoinder to Elizabeth Warren’s anti-capitalist screed is now outpacing her original viral video on You Tube.  The Brown ad, released yesterday on You Tube, is at over 38,000 views as of 7:00 AM this morning.  The video of Warren stands at a little over 67,000 views at the same time.

To put this in perspective, the ad is on the same trajectory, or perhaps a little bit faster one, than the famous Brown-JFK ad which took four days to get to 100,000 views.

Brown has given the best defense of American Capitalism, and has shown just how out of the mainstream Warren is.   Rasmussen just came out with a poll that shows 72% of American’s believe that businesses did it on their own.  

The issue is a significant litmus test.  You either love what Warren originally said, or hate it, there is no middle ground.  

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