Brown’s “Let America be America Again” WebAd closing in on 800,000 views, outpacing Warren’s Rant

(The video is at 799K now – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Editor’s note: YouTube is notoriously slow in updating it’s view metrics on the website. Often putting up conflicting information.  The screen shot taken was from the search results page which often has more up to date results.

Scott Brown’s video rejoinder to Elizabeth Warren and Barack Obama’s insistence that business owners are not responsible for the success or failure of their businesses is close to surpassing 800,000 views in less than 5 full days.  The video, released to the public via YouTube on Monday, now stands at 787,618 views according to the web video service.

As of yesterday the video was trending as the number one political video on You Tube.  The Brown campaign spoke about it’s success.

“This video has been such an online sensation because it fundamentally breaks down the choice in this election and the direction we want to take our country,” said Jim Barnett, campaign manager for Scott Brown. “Until now, the American Idea has always been that if you have a vision, work hard, and play by the rules then you can build something that no one can take away.  Today, this concept is under attack from Professor Warren and others who share her ‘you didn’t build that’ philosophy and who instead believe that what’s yours actually belongs to someone else.”

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Speaking of Elizabeth Warren, two versions of her video on YouTube stand at a combined view count of about 990,000 views.  This is after 10 months.  In five short days the Brown video has almost surpassed what Warren has taken 10 months to achieve.

In other news about the Warren quote, Legal Insurrection is reporting that Warren cribbed her speech from a Berkeley Professor.  


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