Another ‘do-nothing’ panel of Barack Obama’s

Remember back in March when I wrote about Barack Obama’s Oil and Gas Fraud Working Group?  The Group was assembled by POTUS to make sure oil and gas companies were not screwing any customers with higher prices.  Ultimately, the group never met and made no recommendations, which is what I wrote about back then.  That was months ago, and still no action has been taken even though many in political office have asked for help and received no return calls.

Today, I am writing about another group of Barack Oabam’s that was assembled and then never produced anything of substance.  Equally as frustrating as rising gas prices are the loss of american jobs.  POTUS assembled a a Jobs Panel to help brainstorm the creation and protection of american jobs.  Guess what?  The group has not met in over six months according to Politico.  The article states that the group has proven inneffective because Obama has rejected their advice and many members of the group do not endorse Obama.  So more than six months go by and nothing is done.  

Just like the 5,498 Czars seemingly appointed by Obama – they are ‘do-nothings’!  It was all a big hoax perterated on the American public and taxpayers to give the impression that POTUS had some idea what to do.  As the old saying goes ‘Look busy’.  If Obama was a true leader he would be hounding these groups for updates on ideas and strategies on how to reduce the painful cost of gasoline and the destructive nature of joblessness.  Instead, he has enjoyed 34 weeks of vacation at a cost of $21,6 million tot he hard working taxpayers of America.  

It truly seems as though he doesn’t really want people to go back to work.  The jobs panel was created.  The funding was approved – so why not make use of it?  Why create a panel that appears to be able to solve problems and then never ask it to solve problems.  This is a case of guilt by omission.  He purposely chose not to use what very little advice they were able to give.  

This is very good ammunition for Mit Romney…

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