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Common sense requires common people

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PRESS RELEASE  2012-07-16

Contact : Daniel Fishman

A third candidate will be on the ballot in the 6th District in Massachusetts.  Libertarian Daniel Fishman has been gathering signatures since last June and submitting nomination papers  to local city clerks and registrars throughout the North Shore.   It now appears he will have well in excess of the 2000 signatures required to be on the ballot.

Fishman has lived in Beverly since 2003, and his grandparents immigrated to Lynn at the turn of the last century.  A developer who writes software to improve Special Education, Mr. Fishman has come full circle — when he moved to MA in 1994 he worked in the classroom with autistic students.

“It’s been said that all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.  I believe that our country is falling down.  I can no longer do nothing.  The rise of both the Tea Party and the Occupy movement hints at a problem that we are just beginning to realize:  our American style of democracy does not scale to 300 million people.

“Look at the Affordable Care Act.  The Supreme Court ruled it as constitutional, but the House has voted to repeal it 33 times.  Do we honestly think the majority of the House is out of touch with their constituents?  Or are we seeing ruthless winner take all politics?  What has happened that in spite of the objections of many Americans, we as a nation are going to force a system upon them that they clearly don’t want.  Even if you support the ACA, is that what our democracy should be?

“Even worse, the current system set up by the Republicans and Democrats in cooperation with each other is that neither side will show any fiscal restraint when they are in power.  Either party is happy to borrow money and spend what the country doesn’t have in order to return something to the people.  Republicans spent money on wars to give Americans  a sense of security.  Democrats spent money on Healthcare to give Americans a sense of security.  Both parties have conspired against the public by taking out debt in the people’s name when there was not the political will to raise taxes to pay for anything.

“We can change the system.  The current state of government is absurd to all who see it, but the Republicans and Democrats are masters at winning election.  Common sense requires common people, and this year a common effort.  How dare we, on the cusp of the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, say that the system cannot change.  How dare we not try?

In the beginning the corporation was created by government to enable efficiencies in business.  Now government is created by corporations to enable efficiencies in business.

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