5 Contrasts Between the State Senate Candidate

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Here are the 5 top differences between myself and my 2012 State Senate Opponent:

#1 HE has voted to raise major state taxes in this Great Recession; Economically, I do not believe now is the time to raise Massachusetts taxes on anyone, or propose major new regulations on small businesses.

#2 HE supports and campaigns for Prof. Warren for the U.S. Senate; I support and campaign with Sen. Scott Brown.

#3 HE believes most problems in state government are due to revenue shortfalls; I believe we have a spending, debt and fraud problem on Beacon Hill.  We desperately need balance, and new faces to break the stalemate.

#4 HE is a self-described, liberal progressive. I am an independent thinker and economic conservative. My job in this fiscal and economic crisis is to consider every proposal on the merits, and vote in the best interest of our Middlesex and Worcester District.

#5 HE believes the number one issue at the State House is the environment and the number one cause is social justice. I believe the number one issue at the State House is education. Our number one job is to avoid fiscal and budgetary Armageddon, and get people working again.

Dean Cavaretta

Candidate for the State Senate


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