Will Benjamin Swan denounce “racist” Mass. Democrats for requiring ID to vote at Convention?

At their weekend convention, Massachusetts Democrats will be engaging in a practice this week called racist by one of their own elected representatives.  In the “Call to Convention” of the 2012 Massachusetts Democratic Convention a requirement to show identification to enter the convention is clearly called for.  A move that routinely Democrats call racist.

The convention this year is being held in Springfield, a city with an above average, for Massachusetts, percentage of African American residents.  One of the city’s state representatives, Benjamin Swan went on record during debate this week against voter ID laws.  He equated the laws to Jim Crow laws in the South, the implication being that they are racist.

Rep. Benjamin Swan (D-Springfield) discussed his experiences working to register disenfranchised African-American voters in the South during the civil rights movement. He talked about going to Selma, Alabama and helping black people learn to take the tests given by southern poll workers and used to prevent them from voting.

“Here we are hanging up a budget bill trying to slide in voter identification – something that is so clearly to take away the rights of poor people, people of color,” Swan said. “It makes my heart weep that here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that there would be people in my home state that would want to take away those privileges,” he added. – State House News Service 5/31/2012

Did Representative Swan get the Call to Convention.  Did he see this page?

Will Benjamin Swan lead a protest against the “racist” members of his own party?

H/T: Michael Graham, and Kimberly Morin

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