Weaver Campaign Obtains Over 4,300 Signatures, Across every city/town in the district!

Weaver Campaign Obtains Over 4,300 Signatures, Leaves No Community Untouched, Attracts More Certified Signatures Than Golnik In The Hometown Of His GOP Rival

June 1, 2012 – Westford, MA – While Massachusetts Third Congressional District challenger Tom Weaver collected over 4,300 certified signatures to place his name on the 2012 Republican Primary ballot, he and his team did so in a way that suggests his band of dedicated volunteers may be a force more formidable than the professional operatives who work for GOP rival Jon Golnik and Democrat Niki Tsongas.

The Navy veteran left no community untouched. Not only was Weaver the sole candidate from either major party to garner certified signatures from every city and town in the district, his supporters acquired more signatures from more communities (20) than the activists working for the other two candidates. Tsongas’ team did well in ten (10) communities, with the bulk of them centered at the heart of the Merrimack Valley. Golnik displayed his viability in seven (7) communities scattered around the district. Weaver showed strength in some of the district’s six (6) major cities such as Fitchburg, Gardner, Haverhill and Marlborough. The Westford native acknowledged he needed to counter Tsongas’ hometown advantages in strongholds such as Lowell and Lawrence. “I’m confident my military, business, and public service background will be a draw for a lot of urban voters concerned about security, the economy, and our Constitution,” he said. Still, the combined amount of certified signatures collected from the district by both Republican candidates overshadowed those acquired by Tsongas’ organization. And it was in the suburbs and rural areas of the district that Weaver displayed a consistent level of engagement that put his political rivals to shame. Perhaps the biggest revelation was the fact that Weaver and Tsongas attracted more certified signatures than Golnik – both individually and combined – in Golnik’s own hometown, according to records available at the Town Clerk’s Office in Carlisle:




“The numbers suggest many of Golnik’s neighbors find Tsongas or Weaver attractive enough to place them on the ballot,” observed Weaver campaign manager Jack Roy. “The numbers also suggest it’s Weaver who can go toe-to-toe against Tsongas in places like Carlisle – in Golnik’s own hometown,” he added with emphasis. Weaver also collected 175 certified signatures from Berlin while neither Golnik norTsongas could secure just one, according to records available at the Berlin Town Clerk’s office. And Weaver was the only candidate who managed to extract three (3) certified signatures from Sudbury voters living in the sole precinct that is now a part of the newly reconfigured Third District.

Golnik and Tsongas each failed to get one Sudbury signature.“Sudbury was a needle in the haystack kind of challenge,” conceded Roy, “but one that forced our team to make an extra effort to target and reach out to those voters. Weaver himself stated that Sudbury, with the majority of its five (5) precincts and one (1)”sub-precinct” enfolded into the new Fifth District, was an example of the lengths he would go to woo voters as part of his promise to “leave no community” uncontested.

“This year’s election is a pivotal one for the future of our country,” declared Weaver.”When I present my arguments before the voters throughout the district, most of them can’t wait to sign my (nomination) papers and get me on the ballot.”

About Thomas Weaver:

An Eagle Scout, a nuclear engineer, and a former Naval officer, Weaver is the founder, president,and CEO of industrial water treatment company DTW Systems. He is also the co-founder of the Massachusetts based “Show ID To Vote” campaign, a national movement to establish voter ID requirements. Weaver has volunteered his time to US Veteran groups and civic organizations such as the Boy Scouts. He is married with six children and lives in Westford, MA.

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