VIDEO – Semon slams opponent in 5th Congressional District race

Citing his opponent, Frank Addivanola’s statements at the recent Watertown Republican Town Committee candidate forum, Jeff Semon, Republican Candidate for the 5th US Congressional District, firmly stated, “There is no place in this race, to say nothing of the Republican Party, for a man whose core beliefs include the notion that we have to create suffering to reform entitlements. It is reckless and he couldn’t be more wrong.”

Going on, Semon said, “Frank doesn’t even know what an entitlement program is. It is evident from his statements, he doesn’t even understand that people are entitled to Social Security benefits because they paid into them. A lack of understanding of this magnitude should automatically disqualify him from seeking the Republican nomination.”

Semon closed his statement by adding, “Saying people will suffer is absurd. We can and will responsibly reform our entitlement programs so they exist for our current seniors and future generations. I suggest Mr. Addivinola educate himself on these critical issues before seeking office representing the good people of Massachusetts’ fifth district.”

“My only question for Frank is, ‘When did you start campaigning for Barack Obama?’ “

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