VIDEO: Every Republican in America Should Watch This Video – ‘Why Washington is Broken’



The current gridlock in Washington D.C. is driven by vast ideological differences between Republicans and Democrats and leading the charge for the extreme views of the Democratic party is Rep. Ed Markey (MA-5).

This video released by the Jeff Semon campaign shows in unequivocal detail why Washington is broken.“Ed Markey is the most divisive member of the House of Representatives and all Americans need to be made aware of the damage he is doing to our country”, Semon said. “As I mentioned in the video, we need solutions in Washington, not slander”, he added.

Rep. Markey’s language and rhetoric are emblematic of why common sense must be restored to our government and men like him should be voted out. Markey was elected in 1976, the year Jeff Semon was born. Since being elected, he has ceased to represent his constituents and instead adopted a radical left wing agenda.

Semon summed up his campaign’s video by stating “Our leadership can no longer engage in divisive, counterproductive tantrums and act like children–we have to behave like grown-ups and start governing responsibly. Ed Markey is incapable of doing this.”


Jeff Semon (pronounced Simone) is a Candidate for US Congress in what is currently the 5th Congressional District. A graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst – School of Management, Mr. Semon is a Senior Business Consultant. He and his wife Nicole live in Lexington and recently had their first child, Eleanor in December. His campaign website is

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