UVA President forced to resign over academic fraud allegedly committed with Elizabeth Warren?

Harvard Alum Michael Patrick Leahy has another installment in his multi-part series on Elizabeth Warren and her academic fraud.  An interesting turn of events was that Warren’s co-author Teresa A. Sullivan was removed as President of the University of Virginia shortly after Leahy’s first story came out.  The story goes into tremendous detail.

While President Sullivan’s resignation and the Breitbart News investigation into unresolved allegations of scientific misconduct may not be related in any way, it’s worth wondering if new information will reveal whether the timing of the two events is simply coincidental, or if there’s more to it than mere coincidence.

One area of further inquiry is suggested by President’s Sullivan’s conduct when confronted by the original charges of scientific misconduct back in 1990. As she stated in her undated letter to me, which I received via email on June 5:

Twenty-two years ago Professor Shuchman of Rutgers did indeed publish a book review in the Rutgers Law Reveiw that contained a charge of scientific misconduct against me and my co-authors, Elizabeth Warren and Jay Westbrook. As I was required to do by University regulations, I immediately asked my employer, the University of Texas, to investigate these charges.

Did President Sullivan, upon learning of the Breitbart News investigation into these twenty-two-year-old charges of scientific misconduct, immediately inform her employer–this time the University of Virginia’s Board of Visitors–that the charges of scientific misconduct had resurfaced and were being described as “unresolved”? If so, did this information factor into the decision by Rector Dragas to move quickly and decisively in securing the unanimous support of the fifteen other members of the Board of Visitors to request President Sullivan’s resignation? Given the level of community support apparently enjoyed by President Sullivan, why did she so readily acquiesce to the board’s sudden demand for her resignation?

In the next few days Leahy will be going further into the charges against Warren and whether or not they were properly vetted by the University of Texas and later Harvard University.

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