Theater of the Absurd: Warren laments lack of “Academic Diversity” during NetRoots remarks

Today during her Netroots Nation 2012 panel appearance Elizabeth Warren lamented the lack of diversity in academia.  The Washington Examiner has the story.

Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic U.S. Senate candidate under fire recently for claiming to be Native American, knocked “the academic world” for lacking diversity in the workplace.

“Let me put it politely: there was never a line in the ladies’ room,” Warren said at Netroots Nation 2012 convention during a panel about the “war on women” in Congress. She said that was true of her corporate and political experience, not just the academic environment. “That’s what gives you the real determination to make the kind of change that we need to make.”

The Brown Campaign has released the following statement.

Today, Jim Barnett, Campaign Manager for Scott Brown, issued the following statement on Elizabeth Warren’s complaint at the left-wing Netroots Nation conference that the “academic world” lacks diversity:

“The hypocrisy of Elizabeth Warren lecturing about academic diversity while gaming the academic diversity system is breathtaking. Her comments today show why it is critical that she authorize the release of her personnel records from Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania to help clarify whether or not she defrauded the affirmative action system for undeserved gain. She should also insist that Harvard and Penn amend their federal diversity reporting to properly reflect the fact that she is white – not Native American.”

She has no shame, none.

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