Stephen Lynch A Conservative Democrat? NO SUCH THING!

Have you been fooled into thinking Congressman Stephen Lynch is a conservative Democrat? Nothing could be further from the truth. He is as left-wing as they come in Massachusetts. But don’t take my word for it!  Look at these ratings:

• 100% rating from NARAL

• 12% rating from National Taxpayer Union

• Lifetime rating of 7% from Citizens Against Government Waste  (Barney Frank has a 13% lifetime rating from CAGW)

• 5% rating Americans for Tax Reform

• 36% rating from the Chamber of Commerce

• 0% rating from English First

• 5% rating from the Family Research Council

• 100% rating from NOW

• 100% rating from AFSCME

Would you classify that as a record of a liberal or conservative?

Joe Selvaggi himself knows the answer and that’s why he’s running for Congress!

“Having built my business Plaster Fun Time with 9 different locations and employing 60 people, I know how to create jobs, balance a budget and meet a payroll,” stated Selvaggi.  “I strongly believe that more Congressmen should also know how (the private sector works). Maybe if they did our nation wouldn’t be $15 trillion in debt and in recession!”

“If we are to solve our nation’s fiscal and economic problems, then we need to stop electing professional politicians to Congress,” added the Boston native.  “We need to elect a Congressman who has signed the front of the paycheck and someone who isn’t to the left of Barney Frank.”

For more information about Joe and his proposals, please check out his campaign website:  

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