Selvaggi Opposes President Obama’s New Amnesty Policy

New Policy No Longer Deports Young Illegal Immigrants, Grants Them Work Permits

Republican candidate for Massachusetts 8th Congressional District Joe Selvaggi today reacted to President Barack Obama‘s change in policy regarding illegal immigration. The new policy will no longer deport young illegal immigrants while also granting them work permits.

“President Obama needs Congress’ approval for implementing amnesty and the Dream Act,” said Selvaggi. “He has no right to implement Dream Act lite. Furthermore, he is just wrong. Our legal residents need the jobs! This new policy further hurts their chances for employment”.

“I am asking Congressman (Stephen)Lynch to stand with his constituents and join me in denouncing Obama’s new amnesty plan,” said Selvaggi. “Congress has rejected the Dream Act, and thus, the President doesn’t have the right to implement it in increments by regulation changes.”

Earlier in the campaign season Selvaggi proposed a comprehensive plan on deterring illegal immigration, securing the nation’s borders and improving immigration to the United States. His plan includes:

• End the revolving doors at our borders by deploying the United States military and build a permanent border.

• Create attrition through mandating employer verification for worker eligibility in the United States and strengthening punitive penalties for knowingly hiring illegal workers.

• Prohibit illegal aliens from any access to Social Security benefits and other taxpayer funded benefits.

• Limit birthright citizenship to the children of United States citizens and legal permanent residents.

• Prohibit discretionary grants and other federal funds for sanctuary cities.

• Withhold certain federal funds to states that allow illegal immigrants to obtain drivers’ licenses.

• Require deportation of criminal illegal immigrants by ending the “Catch and Release” policy

• Update visa program and standardize the technology for documenting.  

• Allow for insourcing by making it easier for students to convert their student visa to a H1-B visa.

• End funding ICE’s hotline to help illegal immigrants fight deportation.

• Make English the official language of government

• And most importantly, no amnesty.

“Illegal immigration drains our resources of jobs and taxpayer money. If we tighten the rules on employing people, we can deter businesses from hiring illegal immigrants. When the possibility of getting jobs or public assistance is no longer available, we see a mass exodus of illegal immigrants,” stated Selvaggi.  

This 12 point plan tackling the difficult issue of illegal immigration is just the first in a series of substantive proposal Selvaggi will be releasing. He strongly believes that our next Congressman must be proactive – not reactive – on the serious issues facing our nation.

For more information about Joe and his proposals, please check out his campaign website:  

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