Selvaggi Calls Out Congressman Stephen Lynch On Job Killing Medical Device Tax Vote

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Democrat Incumbent Voted Against Repealing Tax On Medical Devices

Joe Selvaggi, Republican candidate for Congress in Massachusetts 8th District, sharply criticized Congressman Stephen Lynch for voting against the repeal of the excise tax on medical devices.

“The medical device tax is a jobs killer especially in Massachusetts. I cannot begin to understand why Congressman Lynch voted against the repeal. This is just more proof that he has become a DC Democrat tax and spend liberal. He’s not the guy we sent to Washington in 2001,” said Selvaggi.

Next January this 2.3% excise tax on medical devices is slated to take effect. The Commonwealth has over 400 companies that help in the production in medical devices and thus will be severely impacted. According to Thomas Sommer President of Massachusetts Medical Device Industry Council, medical devices are a $7.5 billion industry for the Commonwealth that employees 21,000 people statewide. One company Zoll Medical has already threatened to close their local facility and move offshore to avoid the tax. (The tax doesn’t apply to hearing aids, glasses, or bandages.)

This tax came to light after the passage of Obamacare. At that time Governor Deval Patrick has voiced major concerns about this tax and it potential effect on the Commonwealth’s economy.

“Even Gov. Patrick, who has pushed for higher taxes and tolls, supports repealing this tax, because he knows it is a Massachusetts jobs killer,” said Selvaggi. “How many more people have to be unemployed for Congressman Lynch to care?”

“Innovate medical devices are some of our state’s most lucrative exports. We should not be encouraging more companies to move offshore to avoid our nation’s high tax burden. Thankfully despite Congressman Lynch’s objections the House passed the repeal,” said Selvaggi. “As your next Congressman, I pledge to be proactive on job issues. Just call me Joe for Jobs.”

Three weeks ago, Selvaggi announced his first portion of his Joe for Jobs plan. It includes the following:

Correct the flawed corporate tax structure to make US competitive

Tax holiday for corporate profits being repatriated

End the death tax

Institute a robust investment tax credit

Permanently eliminate capital gains taxes on new companies

Allow businesses to deduct entire cost of capital expenses for equipment

Here are a few of Lynch’s ratings:

Association Year Rating Chamber of Commerce 2010…………13%

National Federation of Independent Business     2011…………..0%

National Association of Manufacturers     2009-2010………….41%

Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council 2009-2010……..5%

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