Scott Brown calls for resignation of Eric Holder

Scott Brown showed up to the WBZ radio debate yesterday.  On what became an interview Scott Brown called for the resignation of Eric Holder, over his handling of Fast and Furious.

U.S. SENATOR SCOTT BROWN: “Attorney General Holder, he can’t effectively serve the President anymore. And, for the best interest of the country, I feel he should step down and resign. He’s lost the confidence of the American people and he certainly lost the confidence of Congress. There were questions asked in the beginning of this debacle and he misled Congress, they have a right to know and there should be a full and fair exchange of information so we can get to the bottom of it because, I’ll tell you what, Mr. Terry’s family really needs to know what…”

WBZ’S DAN REA: “That’s Brian Terry, the border agent who was killed…”

BROWN: “Yes, border agent Terry, his family needs to know, and the American citizens need to know, what happened and why.”

REA: “Is this the first time you’ve called for Holder’s resignation?”

BROWN: “It is.”

REA: “What pushed you over the line?”

BROWN: “Just the lack of cooperation between the administration and the Attorney General and Congress, and the fact that is very clear to me now, and it’s been building, that he really just can’t effectively serve the President and it would be a distraction.”

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