Pouring Over The Numbers

The end of quarter is this Saturday at midnight and that means we have to report our fundraising donations to the Federal Election Commission.

The Boston and Washington media will be pouring over these numbers as well as John Tierney and his campaign operatives.

We need to send them a strong message that our campaign is not only raising the necessary funds to win in November, but that we have a lot of donors from all across Massachusetts.


I want to show them the truth; that citizens in Massachusetts care about our unprecedented federal debt and over regulation on small businesses. We believe free enterprise and individual creativity is being stifled by government – even though they are the very engines of job creation.

As a congressman I will work to strengthen the conditions that lead to entrepreneurial growth and jobs for all Americans.

I can only do this if I get elected in November.

I can only get elected in November with your support, right now.

Please chip in $5 to send the media and Washington operatives a strong message: http://tiseiforcongress.com/contribute/

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