On the docket: $1.58B borrowing bill for transportation a cost of $241 per resident

Update: The bill has been changed to H4179 – (pdf).

On the heels of a $51M MBTA bailout bill vote last week, the Massachusetts House of Representatives is set to take up on Wednesday June 20, 2012 a $1,581,000,000 transportation bond bill (H4145).  This will add $241 per capita to the Commonwealth’s debt load.  After this “emergency” bill passes and is signed by the governor the per capita debt load from just the state side, not including municipal debt, will increase the debt to over $15,000.  

The debt will fund five distinct areas:

Federal Interstate highway repairs – $225M

Non-federal interstate highway repairs, for roads that are partially federally funded – $525M

Non-federally funded roadway repairs – $325M

Town and county roadway repairs – $200M

Rolling stock transit purchases – $11M

Railway improvements – $300M

According to the State House News Service this bill will be voted on this upcoming week.  Amendments have not yet been filed.

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