Occupy – Where Are They Now?

Supposed to be a big resurgence in the Spring right, but somehow all the commies and anarchists have disappeared.  Wait!  There are some, over in Oakland!  What are they up to, you ask?

Well apparently these occupiers are violently protesting against a conference called HEAT Watch, which aims to end child sex trafficking.  

Read that line again in case you missed it.

Too amazing to be true?  Lets see what they say:

This is What Patriarchy Looks Like:

The H.EAT. conference is a conference of pigs and their nonprofit lackeys to increase the harassment, imprisonment, marginalization and criminalization of sex workers. Fronting as a conference against “child trafficking,” this conference brings pigs and nonprofits together to develop policing strategies that line their pockets while leaving sex workers exploited and disempowered. Pigs and nonprofits hide behind lies about “safety” and “protection” while they profit off the incarceration and “reformation” of sex workers. These pigs and nonprofits neurotically plug their ears to the fact they themselves are exactly the reason sex work can exist. Sex work, like all forms of work, can only exist within a society based on hierarchical economic systems like capitalism, which are protected by the police and patronizing reformist organizations that keep exploited people from revolting. The pigs are the enemies of sex workers, and of all workers.

How bout some pictures?

(more below the fold)…  

and just to be clear, this is who they were protesting against:

(Full article at http://pjmedia.com/zombie/2012…

I still can’t understand how these loons ever got on par with the tea party in the minds of the mass media.  And after a seemingly endless stream of crimes, violence and other mayhem (much larger lists available elsewhere btw) we STILL see bloggers like AmberPaw supporting these scumbags 100%.

What do you think about these occupiers Amber?  

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