Obama’s DOL forces journalists to use government computers for reporting

This story is almost unbelievable.  

All news organizations and journalists within the department of Labor are being FORCED to remove their equipment from the DOL by June 15th.  After that date no personal electronic equipment will be allowed inside the DOL offices.

From the story on Breitbart:

Instead, the DoL says, journalists will have to use government-owned computers, government-selected software, and government-owned Internet transmission lines to write their stories about the data issued by the department.

This is clearly an effort by Obama to control the media.  The simple fact that Obama wants to be in control of the mechanism and vehicle by which the free press can issue their stories of government labor data is frightening.

Many reporters, even the ones who tend to be liberal are speaking up about this abuse:

Matthew Winkler, editor-in-chief of Bloomberg News, says this extreme policy is “troubling.”

There are few government reports that have the wide- ranging impact on the market as the Department of Labor statistics, and we are troubled by the degree of government restrictions on how the press can fully and accurately report this data to the public.

Others agreed.

“Requiring journalists to draft and publish stories using government owned computers loaded with government-controlled software simply crosses the line the First Amendment clearly drew to separate the press from the government,” said Lucy Dalglish, executive director of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press.

Obama’s administration and DOL executives claim this is for security reasons.  And, you might say, what is the big deal?   So what is someone leaks labor statistics?  Well this kind of control would allow Obama to know ahead of time what stories and which reporters were going to break in his favor or against his favor.  It would allow him to know which reporters were going to print something favorable and thus prioritize their capability over another reporter whose opinion is less favorable.  It also opens the door to further abuses.

Just imagine if this is allowed to happen!  Next it would be the department of Health and Human Services, and then the Department of Defense, and so on and on….  This is a frightening development.

So how will the liberals justify this?  The same liberals that were horrified to hear that former President Bush wanted to listen in on phone conversations between Saudi terrorists and American citizens now have to explain how it is okay for Barack Obama to control the free press!  What possible defense is there for this action?  

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