Obama Blames Bush, GOP, for Delay in Presidential Library

Chicago-November 6, 2015. Former President Barack Obama addressed the ongoing delays in the completion of his Presidential Library. Originally scheduled to open a year from today on the campus of the University of Chicago, the project is months behind schedule, millions of dollars over budget, and sits half finished while funding has dried up.

Obama were quick to defend the project, saying the problems and delays were inherited.

“We’re still fighting our way to get this project back on track,” the former president said. “This project is still facing serious head winds due to economy.”

The Presidential Library, which also includes the controversial 45 foot tall statue quarried from Mt. Rushmore, was originally expected to be finished in 4 years, but the President blamed former President George Bush and current President Romney for the delay.The Library has been particularly hit hard by the drop off in green sector jobs that he cultivated  while in office.

President Romney and the GOP Congress have focused federal dollars on projects that are less speculative in nature. The result has been a rebounding economy for many, but a loss to an industry that relied extensively on federal dollars. Many green energy executives that received handsome, taxpayer funded bonuses have been unable to meet the donation request from the library due to their companies loss of federal dollars.

“First we had difficulty attracting talent to the project as the push was to finish President Bushs’ library, now the GOP are cutting off funds from our donors,” Obama explained. “I’d also like to remind you that this rebounding economy began under my watch and President Romney has continued to take credit for it.”

With a national unemployment rate of 4.2% and a long stalled construction market now trying to keep up with demand, Library Executive Director David Axlerod offered no timetable on when the project will be complete, “We have some of the best minds in the academic world looking at why the project is behind schedule.”


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