NRCC makes $2.23M ad buy in Boston Market for after Labor Day

The airwaves will be filled this fall with political advertisements in the Boston market.  With over $20M each to spend, Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren will be making large buys. If you add in the battleground state of New Hampshire and Romney and Obama ads space is really at a premium.   That is why the National Republican congressional Committee just reserved air time in Boston for after Labor Day.

According to Roll Call, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) just made a $2.23 million ad buy in the Boston market for after Labor Day.  The buy represents 12% of a targeted national buy made by the committee.  Roll Call reports the buy is to help Richard Tisei, and Charlie Bass.

Asked to comment on their buy Nat Sillin, the regional spokesman for the NRCC, said, “Massachusetts Democrats are going to have a hard time explaining to Bay State families why they put President Obama’s tax and spend Washington agenda before families and jobs at home.  This initial TV offensive is bad news for vulnerable House Democrats like John Tierney as Massachusetts voters are prepared to hold them accountable this fall for their reckless policies that continue to stifle job creation.”

Sillin also said that Tierney is not the only Massachusetts Democrat on the NRCC’s radar.  

Peter Ubertaccio, the Chair of the Political Science department at Stonehill College, said, “The NRCC doesn’t waste money.  They must strongly sense a rare pick up opportunity in Massachusetts in the 6th and they need to hold the 2nd district in New Hampshire.  Polls in the latter have been close so it’s a wise investment for them.”

Ubertaccio also stressed that there are positive effects for other Republicans in the Bay State, “This ad by also has a positive spillover effect for the GOP: votes for Tisei in the 6th are also likely to go for Brown and help him in that district and a strong reelection effort by Bass in the 2nd NH can help Romney in his effort to win the state’s 4 electoral votes.”

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Congressional candidates in Massachusetts see this as a positive sign for their campaigns.  Although, the Tisei campaign is still looking for a deal, like the one reached by Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren.  

Tisei spokesman Paul Moore stated, “Just last week, national Democrats announced that they were buying $3.6 MILLION in Boston television.  Richard has always kept his focus on raising his own resources and running his own campaign.  Nonetheless, if national Democrats are going to waste their resources trying to prop up John Tierney, I would be pleased to see someone countering the lies that are likely to come forth from the DNC’s massive buy.”

Elizabeth Childs one of three candidates running against Joe Kennedy, III in the 4th Massachusetts District said, “This country is in crisis and experience matters now more than ever.  It’s great that the resources are going to be available, but you also need the right candidate and the right message to beat Joe Kennedy III in November.”  Childs will face Sean Bielat and David Steinhof in September.

Rob Gray, of Republican consulting firm Gray Media Strategies said, Generally, it shows that the national party is not giving up on New England Republicans even though the electoral math is harder here.  $2 million is a pretty big number for a media buy, and it’s an indication that Tierney has a lot of vulnerability due to his voting record plus the illegal gambling operation his wife and her family were involved in.  They think they could upset the Democrats math in terms of regaining the House by stealing the Tierney seat, and this is a down payment on that strategy.  We’ll know for sure how serious they are about it when ads actually hit the airwaves, as reservations can be changed and ad monies moved around later in the campaign.”

Kevin Franck, the spokesman of the Massachusetts Democratic Party when asked for comment said, “The Massachusetts Democratic Party works hard to respond to legitimate journalists and media of all kinds.  We appreciate your request, but we will decline to respond because see as a partisan advocacy vehicle.”

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