I did not post this twice

I did not post this twice.

And if I repeat it 100 times it will make it so 🙂

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My Solar Energy Rant …

This week I get the word that two people who abut my property have signed a lease agreement with a power developer to install a “solar array” on their land.

The project involves clear cutting and bulldozing flat about 15 acres of undisturbed forest land and then carpeting the above former forest with about 6000 panels of Chinese glass.

Uh … and this is supposed to be environmentally friendly?

Profitable maybe … seeing as the point of the project is to use government subsidies to collect government certificates which can then be sold to  … the government.

But when one considers the energy intensive nature of the panels manufacture, their short usable life span and the destroyed forests …

And what is the actual net cost to me/us/society?

On a plus note these solar farms do make fairly good neighbors, next best thing to having a cemetery back there and seeing as the land owners are a couple of antsy speculators who got caught with their pants down when the housing market collapsed things could have worked out much worse.

But is this whole thing stupid or what?

Google the term solar farm and take a gander at what our government is doing out west with all of OUR public lands … I had no idea.

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