My Opponent’s ‘Wants’ vs. His District’s ‘Needs’

As I write this week’s blog post, my State Senate opponent is scheduled (this Thursday) to appear miles and miles away from our district to speak about a federal, U.S. Supreme Court decision to which he has no direct vote or say over.


Newburyport is very nice in the summer, but the job to which we campaign for is here in MetroWest, Assabet Valley, and in the Nashoba communities. Our city and towns are seeing their property taxes rise, home values fall or remain flat and local aid is on life support. Public works projects take years to finish or even start.

My opponent’s inability to reach across the aisle or unwillingness to adjust his approach, after the same old tax and spend proposals he champions are either discarded by the Beacon Hill Leadership, or have already not worked, is not in the best interest of our District.

My 2012 opponent may gain favor with far-left groups in Brookline, but not the young families with kids in Boxborough. He may satisfy a voter group based in Somerville; but not the small businesswoman barely holding on in Southborough.

And he may rally a special interest group like in Newburyport this week; but not dissatisfied voters looking for real solutions in the weakest economy since 1929.

I’m running for State Senate on my strengths as a teacher and former state transportation official with the experience to chart a new approach. To be an independent voice for better schools, faster MassDOT Projects, and more private sector jobs – without playing venture capitalist with your money.

– What the District NEEDS is a more competitive, small business climate that entices all firms – in all industries, along with this “brain power” to stay in Middlesex and Worcester instead of leaving our region and state. We are conducting the wrong strategy for an overall, stronger economy by attempting to pick winners and losers in the marketplace.

– What our District NEEDS is to restore our commitment to educational excellence and Human Capital as the No. 1 issue in Assabet Valley, MetroWest, and Nashoba Valley. That is our tradition which is luring families from China, India, Brazil and the rest of the world to our city and towns.

– What our DISTRICT NEEDS is to broaden our tax base, simplify and lower rates and end special giveaways. We need broad based reform that closes loopholes, reduces compliance costs and will stimulate both business and consumer spending.

– What our DISTRICT NEEDS is a design and construction process that builds MassDOT road, bridge and transit projects faster and more efficiently than the dismal record during his tenure in the Legislature.  

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