Milford Joining Program to Avoid Hiring Illegal Workers

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Yes, the President’s Dream Scheme to give work permits to the roughly one million 20-something illegal aliens will make it harder for American and legal immigrant kids to find already scarce jobs.  Soon the Dreamers will find out that a two-year work permit doesn’t guarantee them a job or a future, and that the President hasn’t done anything to improve anyone’s prospects in that regard.   But the town leaders of Milford are doing what they can to make sure that the jobs that are funded with taxpayer dollars go only to legal workers.  

The lead article in today’s Milford Daily News reported that the town leaders plan to join a program known as IMAGE that was created by the federal immigration enforcement agency, ICE, to help employers avoid hiring illegal aliens.  In addition to enrolling the town offices in E-Verify ( the electronic immigration status verification system for new hires), the program provides training to the town human resources officers on how to evaluate identity documents, and audits the town personnel records to detect anyone on the payroll who might be an illegal worker.  The program is free of charge.

Milford would be the first town in Massachusetts to enroll in IMAGE, following a few other municipalities around the country and a number of large and small businesses, including Saints Medical Center in Lowell.  All town managers and select boards should be asked to take a look.  If they decline, ask why they would not want to make sure that town tax revenues are used to employ only legal workers.  

These programs really work.  Turning off the job magnet is a key step (along with securing the border) in controlling illegal immigration and encouraging illegal residents to go home.  When public officials create a climate of zero tolerance for illegal immigration, people get the message and settle elsewhere – just ask Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and Rhode Island.  

ICE is holding a day-long workshop and training on the IMAGE program on June 28 at the Double Tree Suites in Boston.  To register, visit  For more information contact Mr. William Sansone at (617)565-6286.  

We can’t control what the President does, but we can work to create a rule of law environment in our own towns to help buffer the impact of his policies

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