Michael Graham weighs in on MassGOP caucus woes, and it ain’t pretty

Michael Graham’s column today is all about the recent hardball played by the MassGOP under the name of Mitt Romeny with liberty slate delegates.  It is well worth a read.  I am still of the opinion that what happened on caucus day was healthy for the future of the Republican Party in Massachusetts and that this whole process has been untransparent, and unnecessary.  Defeat was snatched from the jaws of victory.

Cheating, breaking their own rules, screwing over Republicans – isn’t that what Democrats are for?

I understand why Romney doesn’t want Evan Kenney and his friends at the convention. To his campaign Tampa is purely a “Show Me The Romney!” event. They don’t care about young party activists meeting other Republicans, sharing ideas, debating the future of the GOP.

The Massachusetts GOP, however, should care. Which is why screwing these young, energized libertarian activists isn’t just corrupt, it’s also stupid.

Yes, the Ron Paul activists come to the political process with more than their fair share of kookery and oddball ideas. But think about the passion and energy it took these 17 people – mostly political amateurs – to learn the arcane party rules, get organized, and win their votes. These are people whose flavor of Republicanism – small government, fiscally responsible, indifferent on social issues – is a natural fit in New England.

But if Bay State Republicans want a state GOP to even exist 20 years from now, they need Evan Kenney a lot more than Mitt Romney.

It truly didn’t have to be this way.  

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  • Philippic

    It is also staggeringly irresponsible to be fighting so viciously over something so unimportant.

    Smartin up, and knock it off.

  •    Our party is going to realize that principle is worthless unless you can back it up with numbers.

      Democrats have us outnumbered, what, 36% to 11%. Do you realize that they can have a lousy 33% turnout, and soundly beat our 100% turnout?

      The delegate caucuses were a brilliantly contrived scenario. Brought about by veteran Republicans who brought dozens of new Republicans into activity.

      So what do the “party regulars” do? They challenge the loyalty of good Republicans by suddenly coming up with “loyalty” oaths. How would you feel if your loyalty and good name or reputation were challenged. Yeah, it’s a little upsetting.

      So, for all you machiavellian rug-flippers: do not expect my support for ANYTHING you endeavor.


  • The MassGOP needs money people and powerful people as well as activists.

    After Ron Paul is done, do his supporters try to move the party in a new direction?

    As I understand it the whole delegate process has always been a sham, that individual candidates have stacked and won the caucuses in the past, then later were thrown out.

    So because the RP folks played as if it was a real game, do they still get to win because we’re “fair” ?

    Again, I could argue either side of this issue.

    I do have one thing to add. While I was standing out raising awareness with a Brown & Tisei sign on primary day in March, the only other people I saw were here

    Ron Paul supporters

    and in some of my reposts of it I noted the need to figure out a way to keep these people involved. It would have been nice to see a few Romney signs out there, but I guess they couldn’t be bothered, just like they couldn’t be bothered to get their supporters to the caucuses.

  • ….this BS going back and forth within the Party…the “RINO!!!” hunting….this sort of stupid shi’ite is why I do not join the MaGOP.

  • Bob Maginn is in office for one purpose alone- to use the resources of the party to benefit Mitt Romney.  He doesn’t care about building the party.  He doesn’t care about encouraging grass-roots activists.  He wants his candidate to win a national office, so he can move on to a lofty patronage position.  Regardless of the result in November, I’d be amazed if we see Maginn serve out the balance of his term.  

    I am not a Paul supporter.  Due to a lack of good candidates, I voted for Romney in the primary because he had the best chance of beating Obama in the fall.  I participated in the caucus, foolishly believing that it was a fair and democratic process.  I so wish I had gone to my son’s baseball game instead.  I voted for most of the Romney slate in my caucus, despite the overbearing tactics used by the Romney campaign and the MassGOP.  I will vote for Romney in November.  I’ll continue to support candidates who believe what I believe.  But I will never pay another nickel to the MassGOP or attend one of their events.  

    Romney won the primary overwhelmingly.  I would support a rule which allows the winner of the primary to appoint his own slate of delegates.  To the victor go the spoils and all that.  That’s not the rule we had in place for this year, though.  The rules provided for democratic caucuses, and in many cases the Romney slate lost.  Changing the rules after the final whistle is third world dictatorship abuse, which is unbecoming a civic organization in the United States.  Shame on Mitt, shame on Bob, shame on the party consigliere who does the bidding of the bosses.  They all made an ugly mess, which they will all soon be free to leave behind.