Match Michael Moore!

We're running a short online fundraiser for Sean Bielat and wanted to share it with Red Mass Group readers. One of the struggles we have on the right is that it seems like we have to face off against not just the Democrats, but also a significant part of the mainstream media and popular culture.

According to FEC reports, the rabble-rousing, capitalism-hating, Castro-adoring filmmaker Michael Moore contributed $2,500 to Joe Kennedy III.

In contrast, Sean Bielat relies on grassroots supporters like you. His average donation is less than $90, and he doesn't have any Hollywood celebrities throwing fundraisers for him. The good thing is that Michael Moore doesn't get to vote in Massachusetts, and with your help, we know we can send Sean to Washington to truly represent the people of the Fourth District.

Please help us cancel out Michael Moore's donation by midnight today (June 12th) by making an online contribution in any amount, and share the link with your friends.

#MatchMichaelMoore on Twitter

Secure online donation link



– Team Bielat 

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