MassGOP Allocation Committee bounces delegates and alternates for “failure to follow the rules”

Red Mass Group has learned that the Allocation Committee of the Massachusetts Republican State Committee has informed seventeen delegates and alternates that they are not qualified to go to the convention in Tampa.  The reason given is failure to return the proper, signed, affidavit by the given deadline.  Allocation Committee Chairman, Ed McGrath, told Red Mass Group in an emailed statement that, “no one who was elected as a delegate and who has followed the rules has been disqualified so far.”

The Massachusetts Republican State Committee held congressional district caucuses on Saturday April 28, 2012 to elect 27 delegates and 27 alternates.  Before being allowed to stand for election, each nominee for delegate was asked to pledge their support to Mitt Romney per the rules for selection of delegates of the Massachusetts GOP.  

Stephen Zykofsky, the Chairman of the committee that set the rules for the selection of delegates, sees this as an important distinction.  Zykofsky told Red Mass Group that the rules only apply to nominees for delegate, not those elected at the April 28, 2012 caucus. Zykofsky believes that, “the state party was in its rights to ask for affirmation of support for Mitt Romney before the caucuses were held.  That affirmation could have come in the form of a pledge, which was done, or in the form of an affidavit.  The rules do not call for affirmation after the election is over.”

Zykofsky does stress though that he told elected delegates that they should sign the affidavit, to avoid any pitfalls.

Brad Wyatt, the leader of the Ronald Reagan Liberty Slate, said in an emailed statement, “Disappointed that the Allocation Committee would ignore the Republican voters of the Massachusetts Congressional Districts by refusing to even communicate with the delegates after numerous attempts to reach out to the allocation committee to discuss problems/issues with legality of the affidavit. The continued arrogant attitudes and clear manipulation of the rules by members of MassGOP leadership are a perfect example of why almost 90% Massachusetts residents refuse to be a Registered Republican and active in the Massachusetts Republican Party.”

Wyatt continued, “Some elected delegates candidates had less than 40 hours to review, sign, notarize, and return an unprecented affidavit with an arbitrary deadline to MassGOP headquarters. Ultimately, many elected Ronald Reagan Unity Liberty slate delegate candidates that were just de-certified by the Allocation Committee had turned in the original, MassGOP affidavit by the time of their decision.”

Wyatt went on to say that given Rand Paul’s endorsement of Mitt Romney last week that he thought the “numerous olive branches” offered by the Liberty Slate would have been accepted.

Wyatt concluded his statement by saying, “The mishandling of issues regarding the Provisional Ballots, 5th District Challenge, and Affidavits will only harden the resolve of the Liberty Caucus supporters, to work with the grassroots activists to re-build the Republican Party in Massachusetts, and help promote Liberty issues such as Auditing the Federal Reserve, and requiring Congressional Declaration of War to fund a war. Most likely, multiple challenges will be filed to the RNC rules committee, as the MassGOP leadership decides to waste its time and resources fighting with loyal, hardworking, grassroots activists rather than defeating Democrats.”

Sources with knowledge of the proceedings of the Allocation Committee, stated that the rulings were promulgated, with as much speed as possible, to give those delegates affected enough time to appeal to the Republican National Committee.  According to Rule 20 of the RNC the affected elected delegates have until July 28th to do so.

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  • Sawx75

    Hey MAssGOP, show me where it is written that an affidavit needs to be signed. Then show me exactly where is says you have a certain time to do it.

    Please, show me the written rule and I can accept that a rule was broken. Seeing as how most decisions this go round have been accepted without a written ruling, and someone to back it up, I call bull.

    The reaction to this has become far worse than their refusal to count the provisional votes of registered republicans. This ordeal is rotten to the core, and will do nothing to increase party participation.

  • Anthony?  Were are ya pal?

    Were is my apoligy?

  • Colonel Gadsen

    First you disenfranchise Republicans by throwing out their caucus ballots, now you disqualify duly elected alternates/delegates, on a made up technicality not even in the rules?

    This is not a proud moment to be in the 11%…10%….9%…..8%….7%…..6%…


  • Including the rule that requires us to count the votes of every qualified Republican Caucus-goer, cannot be taken seriously when it overturns an election (to the benefit of a specific faction) on the basis of rules that are invented after the fact.  If you want to abolish the caucus system, just go ahead and do it, but don’t insult our intelligence by telling us that you’re only following the rules.

  • MiddleAgeMan

    When elected officials are comfortable rewriting the rules to their favor and are able to issue decrees to achieve their objectives – it’s time to elect someone else.

  • Being recently elected to the Republican State Committee, part of my job is to help grow the Republican Party. I have absolutely no idea how the Republican leadership and the Allocation Committee thinks that disqualifying elected delegates, elected Republican delegates elected by Republicans in a Republican caucus makes any sense what so ever.

    I am proud to have voted last Tuesday in favor of having the provisional caucus ballots counted with over 30 of my SC colleagues and will continue to support the elected caucus delegates. Unfortunatly, as mentioned above, I and others will have to expend effort working toward getting the votes of Republicans for Republicans counted and the elected Republican delegates certified which will necessarily take time away from helping to build the party. If we are unsuccessful at counting all votes from the caucuses and allowing the disqualification of the Liberty Slate delegates to stand, I fear Republican enrollment and enthusiasm will drop even lower.

    Tim Sullivan

    Republican State Committeeman

    1st Bristol & Plymouth