Leahy: Elizabeth Warren committed scientifiic and academic fraud repeatedly before Harvard hire

Michael Patrick Leahy, a Harvard graduate, has done it again over at Breitbart.com.  This time Leahy has unearthed documentation that shows that there have been multiple instances of peer review that have called the voracity of her research into question.  Here’s the story.

Harvard Law School hired Elizabeth Warren as a Visiting Professor in the fall of 1992, then offered her a full-time tenured faculty position in February 1993, despite a withering 1990 critique of the academic standards used in the 1989 book she co-authored. The critique was made by one of the nation’s leading legal scholars in personal bankruptcy at the time.

In 1990, Rutgers University Law School Professor Philip Shuchman wrote a review of As We Forgive Our Debtors: Bankruptcy and Consumer Credit in America, the 1989 book Ms. Warren co-authored with Teresa Sullivan and Jay Westbrook. In his review, “Social Science Research on Bankruptcy,” published in the 43rd volume of the Rutgers Law Review (pages 185-244), Professor Shuchman assailed Ms. Warren’s academic credibility in a lengthy article that culminated in this hard-hitting charge (see page 187):

The tangled web they’ve woven is certainly getting thicker.  

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