Kid Leopard endorses and supports Elizabeth Warren.

So who the heck is Kid Leopard?

I knew Hollywood and the movie industry would instinctively support a liberal – like Elizabeth Warren.  Liberals tend to throw tax credits at millionaire movie makers while telling real working folks that they have to pay more – in order to be fair.  It’s hypocrisy pure and simple.

So who the heck is Kid Leopard?

A number of times over the last few months our ‘Nutty Professor’ Elizabeth Warren has hightailed it to Hollywood to pick up millions of dollars from movie industry moguls.  Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Barbara Stresiand – you know the group!  Well one person she failed to tell you about that is an important contributor to her campaign is Kid Leopard.

So who the heck is Kid Leopard?

Kid Leopard is also in the movie/video business.  Kid Leopard runs a website called  I know you have never heard of the website, but it appears a banner supporting Elizabeth Warren has provided Kid Leopard with enough money to donate $5,000 to the Elizabeth Warren campaign.  

So who the heck is Kid Leopard?

This article details who kid Leopard is and what his website is about. It seems that is a website where you can view and download videos of exotic gay men wrestling.  Kid Leopard is the founder and commonly known as Stephen Driscoll from Pembroke, Massachusetts.

Some videos on the website show men wrestling in Speedo-style trunks, though another part of the website called “The Arena” is devoted to an audience seeking videos of nude men.

“THE ARENA is BG East Wrestling’s members-only area, where we show all the nude and erotic pictures that are too hot for general web viewing,” the site announces.

But you see, Stephen, aka Kid Leopard is not part of the fringe in Massachusetts politics.  Nope, Kid Leopard is the mainstream activist as is evidenced here:

In an interview with a wrestling blog in 2011, “Kid Leopard” discussed his wrestling website and politics, declaring: “I’ve never kept my political involvement a secret.”

“I helped found and eventually headed a national gay Democrats organization, and for over 20 years we’ve contributed at least 7.5% of our profits to LGBT organizations,” he said.

Driscoll has been very involved in Democratic politics: he has been a leader of the National Stonewall Democrats and the Massachusetts Democratic Party’s LGBT Caucus. He was a co-founder of National Stonewall Democrats, a grassroots network connecting gay Democratic activists.

He was also a delegate to the Democratic National Conventions in 1996, 2000 and 2008, and served as a Democratic member of the Electoral College in 2000.

Driscoll has also listed himself as a “sports promoter” when donating money to Democrats, a likely reference to his wrestling website.

Driscoll has donated money to a number of Democrats recently, including Warren, President Barack Obama, Wisconsin Rep. Tammy Baldwin, and the Democratic State Committee of Massachusetts, according to a review of records provided by the Center for Responsive Politics.

He gave $1,000 to Warren in September 2011 and then another $1,000 in December 2011.

Kid Leopard is a pornographer.  He represents the Democrat Party and is active in not only its financial well-being, but in it leadership as a delegate and outspoken advocate.

This apparantly is part of the ‘hammered’ middle class that ‘The Nutty Professor’ is talking about.  This is the mainstream activist in the new Democrat Party led by Barack Obama, Deval Patrick and Elizabeth Warren.  

The greatest irony is that Elizabeth Warren will try and scold Scott Brown for being a model in his younger days to finance his road to Law School.  It now appears that a league of gay, nude, wrestling men are financing the road for Elizabeth Warren to go to the US Senate.  For the record, Elizabeth Warren has never posed nude on the BGEast website or any other website.  

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