John Kerry celebrates the Muslim Brotherhood taking over Egypt

In case anyone doubts that elections matter, I give you John Kerry (D- Newport).  Kerry, who hopes to succeed Hillary Clinton as secretary of state, actually thinks it’s a good thing that the Muslim Brotherhood have taken over Egypt.  The Boston Globe reports:

“This is an historic moment for them in their post-revolutionary period, and it’s an Egyptian moment just as it’s been an Egyptian revolution,” the Massachusetts Democrat said in a statement Sunday after Egypt’s election commission declared Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood the winner in the presidential balloting a week ago.…

Earlier in the day, the Globe reported allegations that Kerry has abandoned his oversight role as chair of the foreign relations committee, all in an effort to woo the president:

“Times of war is when the need for oversight is at its ­zenith,” said Bruce Fein, a constitutional lawyer and former top Justice Department official in the Reagan administration. “That’s where the checks and balances are needed. Kerry is doing the opposite. He seems to be running for secretary of state and has not had serious oversight of the conduct of wars that are more endless than Vietnam.”…

I come away from my reading with two conclusions:

1. We made the right choice in 2004.

2. We should not let this man take over our foreign policy in 2013.

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