Joe Kennedy 3.0’s Tour of Duty with the Peace Corps

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

 Dominican Republic 2004. Agriculture mission? Nope. Irrigation project? Nah. Upgrading local schools? Not exactly. Teaching locals to drill for fresh water wells? Not even.

So what did Joseph Kennedy 3.0 do to compare his tour of duty in the Peace Corps to the US Marine Corps service of Republican candidate Sean Bielat?  How about mentoring the natives on how to be a tour guide.

Yes the two years spitting dirt..err, spitting lime seeds out of the mojitos must have been hard on Joe. Hitting the beach heads at the crack of 11:15am would have been tough for many late night  types but some were born to star in the trenches of duty.

While JK3 might not have raised the bar of valor out on point, he was pointing out some really cool bars, waterfalls and arboretums.

Along those same lines, Bielat was in the USMC as an officer serving in the intelligence field, gathering data on the movement and developments of enemy’s of America.

The parallels are uncanny.

Joseph Kennedy put himself in harm’s way every time he ran out of UVA/UVB 30. It would be the challenge of his life deciding between mahi mahi or grilled swordfish. Calculating which happy hour all-inclusive resort was nearest to him while out in the field..err…playing the field.

Sure Joe may not be regarded as the new patron saint of the soldier but he is quite often a patron of some watering hole in places like St. Barts

Next veterans day..thank a Peace Corps volunteer, if you are uncomfortable calling fallen soldiers heroes, that is.…

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