Jeff Semon’s Primary Opponent Doubles Down on Dumb

Jeff Semon is a candidate for U.S. Congress in the new MA-5th district his website is

With any election it is critical that voters know what a candidate’s positions are on a myriad of issues. Recently in a video from the Watertown candidate’s forum Frank Addivinola stated unequivocally in regards to entitlement programs that “people currently receiving benefits” will “suffer.”

Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are commonly referred to as “Entitlement” programs and are the major financial drivers of our Federal budget other than defense spending.

The Cato Institute and The Heritage Foundation both concur.

In response to the video of himself, Mr. Addivinola claims that he neither “explicitly nor implicitly” referred to Social Security and programs for seniors when he said “entitlement programs.” However, he contradicts himself (in his own response) when first he says Social Security is “also” an entitlement program – even though it is a major entitlement program – and that would actually be either explicit, implicit or both.

Finally, Mr. Addivinola claims that the video of himself saying “people currently receiving benefits” will “suffer” is an imaginary argument developed by my campaign. He should watch the video (of himself saying it) again and not smugly say “nice try” basking in his ignorance. This issue is crucial to the future of our country and every candidate should fully grasp its importance.

Frank Addivinola's Reponse:

Jeff, your argument has a fatal flaw and the video record you provide is proof of this. But I would like to address this issue for those that did not watch the video. In my remarks, I never mentioned the words “Social Security”, “Medicare”, “seniors” etc. that your critique attributes to me. I used the general term of “entitlement programs”. While the programs you’re referring to are also “entitlement programs”, the term includes, but is not limited to, housing assistance programs (e.g. Section 8 and others), food stamps and programs too numerous to list here. Many entitlement programs are widely abused. You chose to narrowly, and incorrectly, construe my generalized statement and focus on Social Security and seniors that I neither explicitly nor implicitly referred to. You are constructing an argument and trying to disagree with something that wasn’t spoken by me. I suggest that next time you develop an argument that is based on real – not imaginary – statements before you take liberty to question my knowledge of what is an entitlement program or my qualities as a Republican candidate for Congress. Nice try 😉

Video of Watertown Candidate Forum:


Mr. Addivinola doesn’t understand the issue and instead has decided to focus on his incorrect definition of entitlements rather than the fact he said people will “suffer.” This is further evidence he is unqualified to be running for office. The video illustrates this point perfectly.

There is massive waste, fraud and abuse across ALL government programs, including food and housing assistance, however reforming them does not mean people will suffer. Quite the contrary. Moving people from welfare to working is not suffering. Moving people from food stamps to a future is not suffering.

Giving people the opportunity to earn a paycheck rather than government handout is not suffering.

Both politically and factually Frank is wrong. Whether he accepts this is irrelevant. His definition of entitlements is meaningless and the simple truth is that he either doesn’t understand the issue, or is too inept to know that our citizens do not have to suffer in order to reform Federal spending.

Frank’s statements are crystal clear regardless if he comprehends the magnitude of them or not. This is serious folks. It is a job interview and we need candidates like myself who know how to get the job done. The Republican party can ill afford to select someone who will give Democrats the opportunity tell voters that Republicans want them to suffer.

Let’s make certain we are focused on the right problem. The deficit and debt, as bad as they are, are simply symptoms. The real disease is the unrelenting growth of government relative to the size of the economy. The biggest driver of this is spending on three entitlements; Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare.

The voters of Massachusetts’ 5th district will have a clear choice in 2012.

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