Is Elizabeth Warren too old and fragile to be elected to the US Senate?

This month we get to celebrate Elizabeth Warren’s 63rd birthday.  Elizabeth Warren was born on June 22nd, 1949.  This makes her a full 10 years older than Scott Brown and very near retirement age.  Actually, if she is worried about entitlement programs at all she could technically retire this year and start receiving her social security pension.  

I think this is a fair question as it is asked about so many of our political office holders.  It was aksed about Ronald Reagan by Jack Anderson who stated:

Would a 70 year old President have the mental vigor to grasp all the facts in a crisis situation and make the hard decisions?  Or would he tend to become confused over complicated matters, his mind wandering because of approaching senility?  

Elizabeth Warren would be 70 years old at the end of her first term.  Anyway, Ronald Reagan proved Jack Anderson wrong!  But Elizabeth Warren is no Ronald Reagan.  Reagan was an avid outdoorsman, often riding horses, working fields, hiking and following sports of all kinds.  Reagan was large and athletic with a powerful build and solid physique.  Elizabeth Warren on the other hand looks ‘grannyish’ usually covered in a bottundown shawl.  Warren is weak looking and carries a slight hunch to her posture.  

Scott Brown is a lot more like Reagan than is Elizabeth Warren.  Brown is known to ride bikes, jog, hike and be extremely active outdoors.  He also still serves in the Army National Guard.  Brown is also 10 years younger than Elizabeth Warren.  Warren often forgets details and constructs answers out of thin air.  When asked why she thought she was Cherokee her response was ‘My grandmother walked by a picture of a man with high cheekbones’.  That is hardly a statement of fact and an argument that wouldn;t last long on the floor of the US Senate.

It is not so much the age that matters.  I know many older folks than live healthy productive lives well into their eighties and nineties.  Elizabeth Warren will not be one of them.  She is frail and elderly looking now.  She is already obviously confused by the rapid-fire questions that will be asked of her.  often she gets so confused she relinquishes the microphone to whomever is standing nearby.  

Just watch her videos and you will see how she gets confused and forgetful.  She doesn’t recall things as a matter of fact, but rather as anecdotal stories about days when she was young.  Her very first ad states ‘Back when I was young, america used to invest in people like me.’  Sounds like a typical granny doesn’t it?

We need someone young and aggressive to go to Washington to fight for making America strong again.  We can’t send an elderly Professor nearing retirement that shrinks from a microphone and looks for an escape door everytime a hard questions gets thrown at them.  We need a young strong vibrant personality.

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