Elizabeth Childs’ Obamunist Ties!

Republicans and those unenrolled voting in the 4th Congressional should seriously consider carefully whether or not Elizabeth Childs is indeed a Republican.

Aside from her extremely liberal positions, she will be having a fundraiser at the Newton home of  Obama/Biden grassroots campaign organizers.

Here is the proof.

Below is the link from Elizabeth Childs’ site:


Note the event is being hosted by Margery and Gerald Schwarz at 341 Brookline St. in Newton Center.

Now here is the link to an the Obama/Biden site:


Note that Margery Schwartz of Newton Center (no street address given) is hosting a grassroots planning session for the Obama campaign.

So it is possible that there are 2 women named Margery Schwartz living Newton Center. So I decided to look in the Newton Residents resident and voters guide, which any respectable political operative from neighboring Watertown would have in his library. And I find out that Gerard Schwartz and Margery Kravitz live at 341 Brookline St. in Newton Center, the street address given on the Childs website.  So I looked at the Obama/Biden site again to see if I missed anything. Sure enough I had. Because on a more careful look I noticed  noticed the email given as contact information for Margery Schwarz is — MKravitz@rcn.com. So there is virtually no doubt that Margery Schwarz and Margery Kravitz are one and the same person. Kravitz must be her maiden name.

Now pay close attention to the mission statement on the Obama/Biden site:

“Help us build a neighborhood team in Newton! Grassroots Planning Sessions are starting now-and we need you to join us for these critical strategy meetings.Your input will shape our roadmap to victory, since it’s going to take meetings all over our state to spread the word about this campaign and our movement. Now is the time to get involved to take real action for President Obama and Democrats up and down the ticket, since your ideas and feedback will determine our organizing in your community. Hope to see you there!

Hmmm Ms. Kravitz Schwarz is  boasting that she’s hosting an event organize help for Democrats up and down the ticket. That includes Joseph Kennedy III. So why is she helping Elizabeth Childs, the so called Republican. Even more interesting; why is Elizabeth Childs having a fundraiser the home of people dedicated to defeating her fellow Republicans running for office throughout the state; not to mention our presidential nominee Mitt Romney. This calls in to question, Ms. Childs’ loyalty to the Republican slate.  This also begs the questions; will she support Sean Bielat, when she loses in the primary to him?  Come to think of it, did she vote for Bielat or Barney Frank in 2010?

What does that tell us about Elizabeth Childs? Well, not a single conservative or moderate Republican has endorsed her. Her support all comes from the far left wing of the party. She is having a fundraiser at the home of people coordinating grass roots efforts to defeat Republicans up and down the ticket. And most importantly she’s been a Democrat or unenrolled for the past 2 decades. Since 1996 she’d voted in 11 Democrat Primaries.

It should also be noted that in 2010 Elizabeth Childs only made one contribution to candidates running in Massachusetts. Said contribution was made to State Senator Cynthia Creem, who is one of the most tax and spend Liberal Democrats on Beacon Hill. Creem was also surrounded by ethics questions.( See http://massachusetts-election-… So if Childs only local contribution was to a tax and spend Liberal, how can we even trust her when she says she’s a fiscal conservative.

Hmmm. My momma told me:  “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.” In other words; you are known by the company you keep.

This all tells me, Elizabeth Childs is a Republican, like Colonel Sanders is a war hero.

Let me be clear. This isn’t about not supporting a Republican simply because she is pro-abortion and anti-family. She should not be supported because she is closely associated  with Obama supporters, who are out defeat Republicans up and down the ticket.  She’s not just pro-abortion. She’s making it a major  issue in her campaign. She is trying to re-brand the party.

I understand being  a big tent party. But the center post  that big tent  is the conservative base. Republicans of all stripes are welcome to stand in various place around that center post. But candidates like Elizabeth Childs, who  hold fund raisers in the homes of Obamunist   operatives, aren’t on even on the camp grounds where the  Republican big tent is pitched.

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