Does Niki Tsongas support repeated bypassing of Congress by President Obama?

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Does Niki Tsongas Support Repeated Bypassing of Congressional Branch?

Westford, MA—The President today asserted Executive Privilege over the Fast and Furious documents release that Congress has requested from US Attorney General Eric Holder. This is part of an ongoing battle between Holder and Congress which has repeatedly requested documents about the program. Congress is conducting hearings today on whether or not to hold Holder in contempt.

3rd District Congressional Candidate Jon Golnik released the following statement on the controversial issue: “The Fast and Furious program was a major debacle and one that AG Holder and anyone involved should be held accountable. The idea that this President would involve himself to hold documents under Executive Privilege so Congress cannot complete its investigation into the matter is an absolute outrage. The President is once again abusing his position and refusing to acknowledge that our Government is based on checks and balances and separation of powers among the branches. Investigating such a seriously flawed program is absolutely under the power of Congress. But as we saw last week with the declaration of a major change in immigration laws, President Obama ignores the Constitutional role of Congress. “I have to question where Niki Tsongas is on the President’s perpetual bypass of Congress. Congresswoman, do you support holding secret the documents in the Fast and Furious program or do you think Congress should be allowed to do its job and hold Holder accountable?

Regardless of political party, support for the process set in place by our forefathers is absolutely a vital part of the job. So, will Representative Tsongas put aside her political pandering and support for President Obama and say, ‘Let us do our job.’ Or will she sit idly by as this White House keeps invading the rights and roles of the Congressional branch?” –Jon Golnik, 3rd MA District Congressional Candidate.

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  • Fishing With Fredo

    Virtually every Democrat whines about partisanship and gridlock in DC. However, whenever they have a chance to side with common sense, they circle the wagons for their corrupt colleagues and repeat the absurd (and false)talking points fed to them by the likes of Obama, Holder and the DNC.

    Tsongas and the rest of the progressive MA delegation are missing a huge opportunity. They could, for once, prove that they are not simply OFA parrots. They could, for once, demonstrate that the Constitution is, to them, more than just “an inconvenient truth”. They could, for once, give the “Blame Bush” nonsense a rest. They could, for once, break with their Party and join Republicans in condemning a flawed and deadly policy that was made even more heinous by a massive criminal cover up.

    Of course, they won’t seize the moment and do the right thing because they’re “stuck on stupid” and they’ll do whatever they’re told to do by their progessive puppet masters. That’s why they all need to be fired in November.  

  • ChristyW

    If Niki Tsongas doesn’t support the process into which she seeks to be elected, then she isn’t qualified to hold a congressional seat. As the Good Book says, choose you this day whom you will serve. Will it be the people or will it be the political elitists of your party, who have participated in utterly laying this country’s future to waste? What say you, Ms. Tsongas?

  • rzazula

    The Fast & Furious scandal has been raging for years. It is not just President Obama and hs Attorney General that have been responsible for delaying Congressional action. The Republican Leader Speaker Boehner is responsible for much of the lack of progress. There have been many stories in the conservative media about the failure for progress on the part of Republican leadership. There were as we now know almost no stories at all about Fast and Furious in the main stream media. That in my view is as big a scandal as are the actions of Obama’s Justice Department.

    Like Speaker Boehner, where was Jon Golnik before this week in calling for the administration to produce the answers and the documents to Representative Issa’s requests and subpoenas? Strangely silent, as I can find no articles, no posts, no tweets, nothing from Golnik showing he was at all concerned. Perhaps he was but said nothing. It seems that not until it is politically advantageous to speak out on an issue do we get to hear from a man who has been running for Congress during the entire life of the scandal. Certainly Jon Golnik is not the kind of Republican to ever challenge one of the party’s leaders. He shows the keen instincts of a professional political animal. As an establishment Republican, now it is time for Jon to jump on board and challenge Representative Tsongas hoping to tar & feather  her for the same failure to comment that he himself is guilty of.

    I agree with Jon Golnik that the President and his administration have brushed aside Constitutional limits in this scandal. I see nothing in what Jon Golnik writes that shows me he understands what in the Constitution has been ignored or in what way the President and his appointees have ignored their oaths to uphold the Constitution.

    It is important that we send people to Congress who are not only willing to take the oath of office, but to understand it and be willing to obey it.

    In the name of full disclosure I am a consultant to the campaign for Tom Weaver, also a candidate for Congress in Massachusetts 3rd Congressional District.  

  • rzazula

    You are correct. Jon Golnik did not need to then and he did not need to now. His standing has not changed. It was always what he wanted to do. Further Tsongas did not need to either. As a Representative she must address her committee assignments and the concerns of her constituents. Based on those, Tsongas still does not need to do anything. I am willing to guess that she really has no problem with what the administration did. Like Jon Golnik, she would only speak up when it was in her own political interest. Again, if that is the kind of people you want in Congress, you really have little to worry about. You have plenty to like on both sides of the aisle.

    As for Tom Weaver’s credentials on the Constitution? He also has little to show that he is qualified to speak about the Constitution; except for the many seminars he has delivered as a Constitutional Teacher before college groups, Republican groups, Tea Party groups. And the hundreds of posts and dozens of position papers addressing Constitutional issues.

    My comments are my own, not Tom Weaver’s. I try and remain quiet in respect of the establishment Republicans of all stripes when they bash the Constitution in order to fool the people to further their own ambitions. There is a point where it crosses the line. Jon Golnik was called out by Progressive bloggers for trying to act like he was Tom Weaver. The lunatics on the left are not fooled by Jon Golnik. You should not be either.