Does Niki Tsongas support repeated bypassing of Congress by President Obama?

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Does Niki Tsongas Support Repeated Bypassing of Congressional Branch?

Westford, MA—The President today asserted Executive Privilege over the Fast and Furious documents release that Congress has requested from US Attorney General Eric Holder. This is part of an ongoing battle between Holder and Congress which has repeatedly requested documents about the program. Congress is conducting hearings today on whether or not to hold Holder in contempt.

3rd District Congressional Candidate Jon Golnik released the following statement on the controversial issue: “The Fast and Furious program was a major debacle and one that AG Holder and anyone involved should be held accountable. The idea that this President would involve himself to hold documents under Executive Privilege so Congress cannot complete its investigation into the matter is an absolute outrage. The President is once again abusing his position and refusing to acknowledge that our Government is based on checks and balances and separation of powers among the branches. Investigating such a seriously flawed program is absolutely under the power of Congress. But as we saw last week with the declaration of a major change in immigration laws, President Obama ignores the Constitutional role of Congress. “I have to question where Niki Tsongas is on the President’s perpetual bypass of Congress. Congresswoman, do you support holding secret the documents in the Fast and Furious program or do you think Congress should be allowed to do its job and hold Holder accountable?

Regardless of political party, support for the process set in place by our forefathers is absolutely a vital part of the job. So, will Representative Tsongas put aside her political pandering and support for President Obama and say, ‘Let us do our job.’ Or will she sit idly by as this White House keeps invading the rights and roles of the Congressional branch?” –Jon Golnik, 3rd MA District Congressional Candidate.

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