Does Barack Obama think he is Sidney Poitier?

Drudge is headlining a story that details how the Barack Obama re election campaign is staging a contest in which you can win dinner with the President as well as bring a guest and help decide which Hollywood celebrity will host the party.

The Obama campaign website shows this.

The whole idea wreaks of ‘Guess who is coming to Dinner’ – a movie starring Sidney Poitier as the young black professional, and fiancee, brought home by a white women for dinner to meet her surprised parents.  Anyone with half a brain can recognize the subtle racial undertones the movie could imbue and that is good business for Barack Obama, who is trying to play the Poitier in the race card re election to win the White House.

It is more than a coincidence that the young black character is from Hawaii?  Obama fancies himself another surprise guest among white Americans in his delusional quest for power.  Just recently, headlines were made of Obama’s white college girlfriend and his uneasy feelings of the relationship.  A well planned matter of timing if you ask me!  

Another Poitier movie named ‘To Sir with Love’ depicts a young black teacher heroically lecturing troubled students about the truth and distress of life.  He teaches them how to cope with a changing world that sometimes sees them differently.  He tries to help them overcome their difficult parents stuck in a generation of intolerance.  Doesn’t this sound like the typical speech from Obama to one of his many college campaign crowds?  Of course it does!  Obama has a Sidney Poitier complex!  He pictures himself the sophisticated scholarly type looked down upon by a hateful white world.  It is fantasy, pure and simple.  But like Elizabeth Warren who lives in a world of make believe (Cherokees, eloping parents, special recipes handed down from grandma, and a career filled with research beyond reproach), it is ALL fiction.

We have seen it many times printed that ‘liberalism’ is a mental disorder.  In fact, it is the name of a Michael Savage best seller.  But what we may not be realizing is that it truly is a mental disorder and demonstrably so with the likes of Elizabeth Warren and Barack Obama.  I really think Elizabeth Warren believes she is a Cherokee Indian – even though there is absolutely NO evidence to support it.  I really believe that Barack Obama thinks he is a Sidney Poitier character required to bring us teachable moments in our faltering lives.  It is all their delusion.  it is fiction and fantasy by mentally sick people.  

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