Documented Cherokee descendent Dana Loesch calls out Elizabeth Warren

This morning I had the pleasure of meeting Anne Sorock, who yesterday confronted Elizabeth Warren over her claims to be a “Woman of Color”.  The YouTube is below:

Today Dana Loesch of the Breitbart organization calls out Netroots and Elizabeth Warren over the confrontation.

It’s offensive that surrogates for the woman whose ancestors were responsible for helping round up Cherokee (including my documented ancestors, one of whom died on the trail) claim she is a victim of racism when questioned about the discrepancy. If Sorock is racist for asking that Warren own up to her tall tale, what does that make the Cherokee who have requested the same thing and researched Warren’s background? Will Daily Kos call the Cherokee racist? Will Democrats throw another indigenous nation under the bus?

Warren falsely laid claim to a heritage because she thought it made her look exotic. She bragged about it and exploited it for employment and attention befitting affirmative action. She filled forms out listing her ethnicity as “Cherokee” for such attention. It’s not some clique to which people can claim membership; people with indigenous heritage claim membership with Indian nations because those nations are sovereign entities within the United States, each with their own laws. Warren’s revisionist history shows a complete disregard for the Cherokee’s sovereignty and reduces affiliation to the level of a quasi-tourist trap.

Now this woman is claiming to represent them all so she can have another identity politics card in her deck. It’s almost pathological: she lied about creating the Occupy movement, about being the first woman breastfeeder to take the New Jersey bar (apparently monitored by the Department of Lactating Lawyers), and now this.

drip… drip… drip…

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