Choose Life Plates, one week left

(Go get a plate – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

We must have 3,000 plates on the road by June 29thone week from today! Unless we do, the Choose Life Foundation will have to forfeit the money it would have used to help pregnancy help centers and educational efforts like the MCFL Summer Academy.

At MCFL we called more than 5,000 people and many, many have responded. If you have not. please do so immediately.

Get your plates for free! I just heard about the amazing generosity of St Luke the Evangelist Church, Westboro, which has extended this offer to all Catholics in the Worcester Diocese:

“FREE CHOOSE LIFE License Plates – See or call Patrice Martin at 508-842-5436 and ask about getting your first 2 years FREE before the end of June.  Take a stand for life and get a “Choose Life” license plate for your car. Afterwards, they only cost $20 extra per year, and that amount is tax deductible.”

We can give $100,000 to the state or to saving babies. It is up to you and me!

If you don’t have a plate, please, please get one.

If you have a plate, thank you. Now, please inspire someone else to get a plate.

Just go to a FULL SERVICE RMV branch, which you can find here,… by Friday, June 29th.

It is too late to order your plates on-line.

There has never been an easier way to do real good! Thank you, Anne

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