Brett Baier to Moderate Obama-Romney Debate at Reagan Library?

Given all the hullabaloo from the militant left in Massachusetts over Scott Brown having the “temerity” to merely ask that the sponsor of a debate remain neutral, imagine if the shoe was on the other foot.  Imagine, if you will, Nancy Reagan invited Barack Obama to debate Mitt Romney at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley California.  Now imagine that as the debate host she chose Brett Baier.  Would Obama attend?  More importantly, would conservatives call him out on it?

The answer to both questions is, of course, a resounding no.  Barack Obama would be a fool to attend a debate at the Reagan Library, especially one hosted by FoxNews’s Brett Baier.  Conservatives, by and large, also would know its a set up and not attack Obama for it.

There are some on the left that do share the view that this whole Kennedy Institute charade has been absurd.  Blue Mass Group Editor Charley Blandy had this to say in a promotion comment:

I agree. I don’t see why Vicki Kennedy should “host” a debate. She should be out kicking ass and openly, proudly, obviously campaigning for Elizabeth Warren.

That is exactly true, the Kennedy’s are partisans.  Vicki Kennedy’s nephew shares the same campaign consultant as Elizabeth Warren.  This was a bad idea, that has backfired on the progressives.  Now many of them are up in arms about it.  

Emily Rooney and Adam Reilly of WGBH shared the same views last night on “Greater Boston”.

It’s time to get back to the race, and ignore the sideshow.

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  • Vote3rdpartynow

    insisted it be conducted in the library near the presentation of the car that uncle Teddy used to kill Mary Jo Kopechne.  Or in front of the pictures of the many women the Kennedys sexually assualted over the years.  Those things are on display, right?  After all, it is a non partisan library.  

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    Wouldn’t that be a hoot!  A half hour into the debate and Patches would be rolling on the floor, drunk as a skunk, with multiple prescription bottles rolling around his head.  

    Imagine the line of questioning:

    Patches: “Hey mister Brown, you jerk, how duz it feelz to take my dad’s seat?  Bastard!”

    Brown: “Folks, can we have a new moderator please?  This one seems inebriated”

    Patches: “No, thiiizzz is my dad’s state and I can does what we wants.  and ssstop using big words”

    Brown: “This is embarrassing”

    Granny Warren: “Obviously people are getting hammered!’

    Patches: “Bessy, can I calls you Bessy?”

    Granny: “My name is Professor Warren, and I am a Cherokee”

    Patches: “Ok Bessy, tells us how good you are for America of the united states”

    Granny Warrren:  “I am proud of the Kennedy library and to be here watching america get hammered.

    Brown: “I knew I should have passed on this debate”

    Patches: “You shut up Brown.  I didnt sayz you couls speaks yet, baaarrrfff!!!”

  • rjdunston

    President Obama didn’t seem to turn up as anticipated in the article, right? Is there a follow up article on the topic. The elections are over for months and we all know the results but still just curious.

    Rony J Dunston.

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