launches multi-part investigation into Warren “scientific misconduct”

Academic fraud based on false claims of heritage may be just the tip of the iceberg.  The Breitbart organization has just launched a multi-part investigative series on Elizabeth Warren’s alleged early 1990s academic and “scientific fraud”.

According to after a 60 page rebuttal of her book was published in an academic journal, the University of Texas launched an investigation.  The investigation had never been made public.  The Breitbart team hints that they have the investigation, and it does not clear Warren.

This secret report was accepted by University of Texas President William Cunningham. For two decades, Warren and her co-authors have claimed in academic circles that this report–never before made public–exonerated them.

But the central charge made by Professor Shuchman was neither investigated nor refuted in this secret report. Shuchman cited four specific criticisms of the 1989 book. It is the fourth and last complaint upon which charges of scientific misconduct hang.

The series will continue over the next few days.

Twenty-two years later, Professor Shuchman’s charges of “scientific misconduct” against Elizabeth Warren and her co-authors remain publicly unanswered and unresolved. These unresolved charges associated with her first major book raise continue to raise questions that hang over Elizabeth Warren’s entire body of academic work.  

The next three articles in this series will address the conduct of three institutions enmeshed in this scandal: The University of Texas, the National Science Foundation, and Harvard University.

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