BREAKING: Democrats Behaving Badly and What We’re Doing About It

(Dan,  How are people on final passage? – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

On Wednesday, the Massachusetts House will consider emergency legislation to transfer “surplus” funds from the motor vehicle inspection sticker program to fill part of the MBTA’s budget shortfall this year. The pace of this legislation is driven largely by the urban Democratic leadership, in view of the T’s importance to the state economy and their constituents in particular.  The House GOP leadership has joined me in filing an amendment to link the MBTA funding with the release of chapter 90 funds for road maintenance at the local level.  For the past two months, the chapter 90 funds (which you paid for with your gas tax) have been held captive while the Democrats bicker between the House and Senate versions.  Pothole repairs, repaving projects and construction jobs have been idled as the construction season slowly slips away.  As important as the T is to Metro Boston, our road repairs are important to the rest of the Commonwealth.  And should be considered just as urgent.  We’ll see if suburban and rural Democrats side with their urban leadership or their own constituents in voting on this amendment.  Any guesses?*

*To avoid future such debacles, please send more Republicans!

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