Ayotte, Snowe, and Collins: Today’s vote about “politics” not equal pay.

Today New England’s three female United States Senators strongly backed Scott Brown’s vote today against the so called “Paycheck Fairness Act”.  Senators Kelly Ayotte, Olympia Snowe, and Susan Collins issued the following statement:

“Scott Brown wants his two daughters to have every opportunity this country provides.  He strongly supports equal pay for women, and he supports full enforcement of existing laws to prevent gender-based workplace discrimination.

“Today’s vote in the Senate was regrettably more about politics during an election year than about good policy. The proposed bill would have authorized unnecessary and unprecedented government intrusion into the private sector — allowing the federal government to collect salary information from private businesses to monitor potential wage discrimination, restricting employee compensation and bonus programs and allowing for unlimited and costly lawsuits.

“On the heels of last week’s disappointing jobs report, the last thing Washington should be doing is creating new burdensome mandates that make it even more difficult for businesses to grow and hire.”

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