5 things you should know today, June 29, 2012

1. The Lyons Cookout

What goes better together than the State’s one true full spectrum conservative, and hamburgers?  Nothing really, that’s why this evening you should be in Andover, at the Jim Lyons’ Cookout.  The festivities take place at “the Barn” 12 Highvale Lane in the Ballardvale Section of Andover.  You can throw a rock to the Ballardvale train station.  You should really try to make it, it will be epic. RSVP on facebook.

2. In the wake of Obamacare ruling, State Legislators salivating over new tax ideas

Since Obamacare isn’t a mandate, but really a tax on negative economic activity.  Massachusetts legislators are salivating at the possibilities.  One possible idea for consideration, “The Candlepin Bowling Industy Revival Act.”  Unless you can prove that you have bowled ten strings of candlepin in any given year, you will be forced to pay a $500 tax.  The tax will offset credits given to the candlepin industry.

3.  Bump gives a bump to her employees

According to State House News Service the payroll patriots in the State Auditors employ have something to be thankful for this Fourth of Christmas in July.  Raises, range on average from 7-15% and put the auditors in a merit based, not longevity structure.

4. Three is more than one

During the final votes on the Fiscal 2012 budget, only Jim Lyons stood against it.  For Fiscal 2012 Lyons saw his help multiply by 200%.  For those good at math yes this means that only three Republican members voted against a budget loaded with giveaways to illegal aliens, and an unsustainable trajectory.  Those extra two? Paul Adams, and Steven Levy.  

5. A perfect week to break out the video devices

It’s Independence Day week, and parades and community events are springing up all over the Commonwealth.  That makes it a perfect time to get your video camera at the ready and ask your elected officials some tough questions.  Some suggestions?

Have you been spending a lot of time in Worcester at the Federal Courthouse?

Would you vote for a penny per mile tax for drivers?

Were you proud of the speech Anthony Scaccia gave to open the current session?

How have you fought the go along, to get along, culture of Beacon Hill?

Your brother in-law says that you knew everything there was to know about his illegal gambling ring you profited from.  Will you resign?

Canada Day Weekend Bonus

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