What Exactly Happened in Florida with C. Stanley McGee?

Earlier this week C. Stanley McGee removed himself from consideration as the interim Executive Director of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.  This decision came after a firestorm of public scrutiny regarding the pick.  Culminating with Dan Winslow hiring a former State Police investigator to fully investigate the allegations that McGee raped a 15 year old boy in Florida in 2007.  

McGee originally was suspended from the Patrick Administration when the charges came to light.  The State of Florida determined that in this he said, he said case they did not have enough evidence to prosecute McGee.  Deval Patrick’s administration took McGee off of leave after this decision by Florida.  

Subsequently to the State of Florida dropping charges, the family of the alleged rape victim sued McGee in Suffolk Superior Court.  McGee settled with the alleged victim.  Below is the lawsuit that was settled by McGee (warning it is very graphic in nature).

McGee Law Suit

Governor Patrick has said that he welcomes C. Stanley McGee back into his administration, saying that “here were no charges, and he and anyone else under those circumstances should be entitled to resume their life. He is a very, very strong, very able contributing member of our team and I hope he’ll come back”.  What Patrick, and Greg Bialecki, McGee’s immediate supervisor, have not addressed is the settling of the above lawsuit.  

Before McGee restarts his job in the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development the public should be allowed to know the details of his settlement.  Barring that, he should find a job in the private sector.

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    You have to eat a full lunch then read the lawsuit … And you can’t puke!

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    that on his job application he did NOT check off the box that says ‘child molester’.  

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    Is McGee registered as a sex offender?

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    A Men’s Room and a Boy’s Room (for 17 and younger).  Don’t get me started with the Bathroom Bill (Thanks Richard Tisei).

    This whole thread is making me relive my summers at the Danvers YMCA.  EVERY fricken day I had to walk past 3 or 4 totally naked old guys.  Some guys would stand naked in front of a mirror brushing their teeth or their hair.


  • As much as this story is disgusting the Accused was never convicted nor ever tried. Even though there was a settlement in civil court it still does not prove guilt.

    I am sure he is most likely guilty and should be locked up but there is no recourse unless some other evidence crops up. I would imagine that if he did it once he will do/has done it again/before. Maybe this should get some more traction and others will speak up.

    He should be removed from his position and the details of the settlement should only be made public if he remains in the position. Of course I’m sure the settlement is just a payoff and he claims no responsibility and the victim cannot discuss the matter either.