What do the latest polls say about Elizabeth Warren?

Its a funny thing, a month or two ago we were hearing about a new ‘Brown vs Warren’ poll on an almost daily basis.  Warren was up one day and Brown was up the next.  For weeks we heard about how close the race was and how things could change in a moments notice.

Then suddenly ‘Indiangate’ comes around and not a word.  It was about a week ago that the reports began to break of her phony claims to be a Native American Professor and suddenly not a word from the experts that run polls.  This is by far the biggest Senate race in the country and Warren has been beaten like a rented mule for days.  The outrage over her disingenuous assertions were at first local, but now are national in scope.  

It seems the latest poll I can find is dated April 10th.  That is almost a full month ago.  Does anyone know what voters are saying about Elizabeth Warren now?  

I expect that since this happened before she could truly define herself to voters that the damage is bad and likely permanent.  This story was the first thing many people (especially Independents) have heard about Warren – except for the true political fanatics like us.    

Also, it doesn’t sound like her campaign’s attempt to try and pin this wrongly on Scott Brown has worked.  I think she has less than one week to make this issue go away or her campaign is over.  What say you?

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