UPenn listed Granny Warren as a minority as well….

Breaking story from the Globe via Gateway Pundit here:

A second law school, the University of Pennsylvania, has touted Elizabeth Warren as a minority faculty member in an official school publication, according to an online document obtained by the Globe.

The University of Pennsylvania, where Warren taught at the law school from 1987 through 1995, listed her as a minority in a “Minority Equity Report” posted on its website. The report, published in 2005, well after her departure, included her as the winner of a faculty award in 1994. Her name was highlighted in bold, the designation used for minorities in the report.

So it was not a fluke or aberration – it was her modus operandi.  

I also want to add this little thought about Elizabeth ‘Granny’ Warren’s claim to be 1/32 Cherokee:  Barack Obama, the first black President is half white, which makes him 16 times more white than Warren is Cherokee.  Yet, we don’t hear the POTUS talking about being white in family folklore.  And, George Zimmerman, who is being called a racist, has a great grandfather who is Afro-Peruvian, which makes him 8 times more black than Elizabeth Warren is Cherokee.  Yet, we don’t hear Al Sharpton defending George Zimmerman, do we?   And finally, Michele Bachmann is 100% more Swiss than Elizabeth Warren is Cherokee.  And nobody in American even knew Michele Bachmann was Swiss.  

The only person in America that used her 1/32 heritage to elevate herself into prosperity was Elizabeth ‘Granny’ Warren.  

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