The State of the Massachusetts GOP – May 6th, 2012

The Republican Party of Massachusetts has an enrollment of about 11%, about half of the enrollment of the Democrat Party in this state.  The remaining majority  is un-enrolled and like their independence.  They may tend to vote a certain way, but these voters are expressing dissatisfaction with the established parties.  They are revolting and are demanding that the party system correct itself and work to make America better, helping to secure the future for our children and grandchildren.

Two weeks ago, there were statewide caucuses held in each Congressional Districts for the purpose of electing delegates for the National GOP convention.   As reported on many of the news networks, that convention should formally nominate former Governor Romney as the GOP nominee for President on the first ballot.

The turnout at the district caucuses were above average.  A Romney Presidential Slate of delegates was presented by the Mass GOP containing all good people with excellent GOP credentials.  There was also the Ronald Reagan Liberty Slate of delegates, a group of young GOP voters who were handing out sheets with an alternative list of representatives , all pledging to support Mitt Romney on the 1st ballot.  

This group was organized. They understood the rules of the caucus and each had a message of freedom when they addressed the crowd.  They talked about liberty.  They talked about how the current President was abusing power.  They expressed beliefs that Mitt Romney would be the first step in returning the American Dream, as he was a fiscal conservative.  The Liberty Slate won with over 50% of the total vote, leaving many longtime Republicans in complete disbelief.  

Now rumors abound that the State GOP wants to null and void these proper elections due to cause.  Cause is that undefined term in the convention by-laws. A basic gotcha which is allowed to correct an issue. If these lawful elections are overturned, it could cause irrevocable damage to the State GOP.

For years, many of to working as Republican activists behind the scenes, have begged that the State GOP open the tent flaps by attract more conservatives, more libertarians, Tea Party members and more John Kennedy minded Democrats.  We have stressed that the GOP must be viewed as the party of opportunity, prosperity for all and, most important, as the party that defends liberty and freedom so that all can pursue happiness.  Recent State Committee elections saw the election of many new conservative voices.  It would seem that the GOP rank and file understands how important it is to open the tent.

The election of these young adults continues an expansion of the statewide GOP.  These activists want to be involved. They understand that they will lose their freedom if they do not stay involved.  The GOP must continue to expand, simply because the message of freedom resonates across this Commonwealth.

It is not enough to win the governorship once in a while.  We must elect conservative republican State Reps and State Senators.  We must elect conservative Congressmen and re-elect Scott Brown.  This can only be done if we continue to expand the tent and stop acting like Northeastern Rockefeller Republicans.

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