RNC to Nevada GOP : Let Ron Paul Take Over Delegation, Don’t Bother Coming to Tampa

Interesting story out of Nevada related to the goings on with our own Convention Delegation.  

The RNC has sent a letter to the Nevada GOP informing them to make sure that Ron Paul supporters don’t get a disproportionate share of the Delegation, or else they could risk not even being seated at the Tampa Convention.

From the Las Vegas Sun’s John Ralston:  

In a letter delivered Wednesday to GOP Chairman Michael McDonald, the RNC’s chief counsel said if Ron Paul delegates are allowed to take too many slots for the national convention, Nevada’s entire contingent may not be seated in Tampa.

John R. Phillippe Jr. said that while his letter is not binding, “I believe it is highly likely that any committee with jurisdiction over the matter would find improper any change to the election, selection, allocation, or binding of delegates, thus jeopardizing the seating of Nevada’s entire delegation to the National Convention.”

Clearly, the RNC fears that mischief at the Sparks convention this weekend could result in Ron Paul delegates taking Mitt Romney slots and then not abiding by GOP rules to vote for the presumptive nominee on the first ballot in Tampa. So they are trying to force McDonald to ensure that actual Romney delegates fill 20 of the 28 national convention slots, thus removing any mystery of who they will vote for.

This could be even more fun on Saturday because – and I may be wrong – I don’t think these Paul folks respect authority too much. And now the new chairman, who is close to some of the Paul folks, has to be the enforcer.

As it turns out, the Paul Campaign was as successful yesterday in subverting the will of the voters in Nevada as they were here in Massachusetts last saturday.  

Apparently, they don’t have a Rule 5.2 in Nevada!


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  1. Did the voters will a Romney slate? No.

    Besides that nobody has voted on anything yet and no one’s will has been subverted except for Romney’s.  The Nevada delegates are pledged to Romney, same as they are here.


    Nevada delegates are bound by the state’s results on the first convention ballot, so Romney will still get their support. Paul’s Nevada supporters are not challenging that rule, for fear of losing their convention seats altogether.

  2. Romney should adopt a return to the dollar/gold link. Then the Paul delegates will become Romney delegates.  

  3. All Paul supporters have done is engaged the process. How is it their fault that the supporters of other candidates don’t really care or bother to show up and participate?

    For a group that supposedly is a bunch of people making a lot of noise on the web they sure seem to have a lot of boots on the ground. Something that the GOP needs desperately if they want to win because nobody is really that excited about Romney whereas Paul garners crossover groups such as the “Blue Republicans”.

    From what I can see. The alienation of us “Paul Bots” and assuredly the “Blue Republicans” will kill the GOP for a decade or more and ensure a second term for Obama.

    All Paul has done is reminded his supporters that we live in a Constitutional Republic and that the process is more than the mere democratic beauty contest. To think otherwise is to ascribe to the idea of direct democracy and majority rule in lieu of the electoral college and active participation instead of just being armchair politicians and assuming everything goes your way.

    In Liberty,

    J. Gould, Milford Ma.  

  4. …Maine is sening a combination of Paul and Uncommitted delegates.

    I cannot help but think that the RNC is acting at the ehest of the Romney campaign, in the same way that MA GOP did.  The situations are analogous – since Romney WILL BE the delegate, it makes sense to work with the campaign for the convention, as no other candidate is sending delegates.

    BUT -in ME and some other states, there WILL BE RP delegates are RP met the threshhold to be granted delegates.  Unlike the Gingrich and Santorum delegates (and there WILL BE those, too) RP has not formally withdrawn.

    The Romney Campaign is attempting to micromanage delegate selection, and wants delegates selected from Central Casting.  If they were SMART, they would concentrate on making it clear that the delegates must vote as elected on that crucial first ballot instead of winning friends and influencing people by disenfranchising the delegates slected.

    And I speak as a Romney supporter (from the outset) and former Romney delegate.

  5. The real purpose of these rules are for the parties to negotiate and that’s what politic is about; it’s about heading off social tensions before they blow up.

    It’s easy to fix things politically than to go into a civil war.

    You’d think all these highly paid party cardres would know a thing or two about politicking.  Instead we have a woman (Nancy Luther) suspiciously resigned.  This is somehow who didn’t make up her mind up to the Primary day.  Then a young person Sisk didn’t replace her.  Are these people showing too much compromise and could possibly be someone who can help resolve things the amicable way and that’s why they were kicked out?

    What about the Paul people who watch how things transpire and act in response appropriately.  It’s true they pledge no one but Paul but that’s what young people do.  They settle business by clubbing each other.  Can’t blame them because they were designed that way.

    But adults too?  May the rich men win?  Invoke technicality where it suits them?  Why didn’t they just write one sentence — we only elect delegates who pledge and we alone are comfortable that they will walk through mine fields to support the winner?

    No, they wrote the rules that way to facilitate politic but they don’t practice it, or at least according to some people here.

    Any why are my posts deleted but the guy who posted the tin foil hat picture didn’t get banned?  Just so to make fun of me?  

    I’m a Blue Republican, meaning I’m a Republican, am I allowed to play here?  Are there rules against people like me?

    Honestly, at this point in life I find it really hard to go liberal again but the conservative side is not lacking nastiness.  It’s just the veneer of civility that fooled people, even myself.

  6. …has been planning for over a year in some cases (as in Massachusetts) to flood caucuses and conventions because they want a say in the Platform, a document four people will actually read (we’re two of them).

    It’s to try to win the nomination.   Anyone who says otherwise is being a tad dishonest.  You don’t go through this, and do all this work to NOT have these ‘acquired’ delegates vote for Ron Paul, or abstain (which they CAN do on the first ballot, in some case, in some states) to force an open Convention.

    The folks I talked to at my Caucus where there because they wanted Ron Paul to be POTUS, not because they wanted a Gold Standard Plank in the Platform.

    And if that actually IS the reason (and as a bit of a Gold Bug, I’m actually not averse to that!), then the Paul Campaign has been misleading (in the literal sense) a whole lot of people.

  7. Mitt’s bankster friends wouldn’t like that.

  8. If you know of any delegates who made it clear they will break their pledge to vote for Romney then name names.  Bringing up the thoughts of certain voters you talked to at the caucus is irrelevant.

    Your concern that Paul has been misleading is touching.  You are aware however that our nominee has taken both sides of every issue to cross his path, right?  Mitt wins the gold, silver, and bronze in the Obfuscation Olympics.

  9. …would upset bankers?

    Do tell.  I’m actually not mocking you (even though you called me a Commie.  That’s just COLD man!) I’m actually interested on your thinking on this.

    One of the Old (I mean 19th century old) arguments against the Gold Standard was it Empowered Eeeevvviiilll Bankers.

  10. …and while I’ve let some of my detest for factions of the Paul camp slip through, I’m actually opposed to booting the delegates, several of whom are close friends.  I’ve been there, and done that, and it sucks.  

    I also am not worried about at least the Mass Delegation having any votes for Paul because I don’t think under the rules they can.  To cast a vote for anything other than “Romney” there would have to be a motion to Divide the Delegation, and unless I’m really bad with math, “Team Romney” has at least a 24-17 edge, so any such motion would fail.

  11. As it stands right now, many board members of the Federal Reserve are also executives at big banks. That is a clear conflict of interest, since it enables the Fed to print as much or as little money as they choose, and lend it to those banks at almost zero interest, and those banks then turn around and lend it to our Treasury Dept. at something like 3% interest. Not only that, but the whole idea of fractional reserve banking (especially when the reserves are fiat money) enables banks to take customers’ deposits, make risky loans/risky investments (European bonds come to mind), and when the investments don’t work out, they can either a) receive bailout money from the Fed, or b) file Chapter 11, which causes the FDIC to step in and give the taxpayers’ money back to the customers who had deposited money into that bank, and then restructure and begin the process all over again. A finite money supply would not enable them to just print money just to turn a higher profit for themselves while devaluing currency for everyone else.

    So yes, a smaller money supply would not be in the best interest of these executives.

    As far as me calling you a Communist, I’m sorry. I don’t think you are a Communist (at least I hope not – if you are, you should join the Democrats). It is just frustrating that you are railing against the fact that we showed up to the caucuses and the Romney people didn’t. No one is subverting the will of the people – the will of the people is what you saw at the caucus, because that is how the voting went. The people decided on the day of the primary that all of the delegates should be bound to Romney, and the people decided on April 28 that 16 of the delegates should be from the Ronald Reagan Liberty Slate. I have heard nothing that even resembles the idea of them not voting for Romney. Even if they DID abstain, they would be replaced by an alternate. Why would someone pay to go all the way to Tampa just to abstain and allow the alternate to vote? It doesn’t make any sense. It’s not going to happen that way. And even if it DID happen that way – that would just lower the amount of delegates Romney would need to lock up the nomination. 1,144 is 50% plus 1 of all the delegates that will be sent to Tampa. If delegates abstain, that number goes down. So Romney’s people have nothing to worry about. Those delegates were voted in, and there’s no cause to remove them. Case closed.

  12. Anthony, 12 years ago, I WAS you.

    We (the 24 kicked out in 2000) appealed to the Credentials Committee in Philly, and lost 38-35.  I’ll have a post on that later.

    I’m just not SURPRISED this happened because I knew about Rule 5.2, and that it’s been done before.  I’ll let you in on a secret.  A lot of folks who organized this also knew, but hoped it wouldn’t happen.  Still are.  And you know what?  It might not.  Politics is about Negotiation.  You don’t think this is being negotiated?

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