Rep. Cantwell key leader in bake sale ban

(Roll Call vote only Representatives Humason, Perry, Polito and Webster voted against this. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

I saw this and wanted to share.  The bake sale ban is such a prime example of Beacon Hill run amok.  Its good to know that there is a good candidate in the district to run against Rep. Cantwell.  Marshfield and Scituate is a great district for a Republican to win, and good to see Coulter active.  

Press Release below:

Coulter calls on Cantwell to denounce bake sale ban

National outrage over DPH guidance met with silence by Cantwell

State Representative candidate Stephen Coulter today called on Representative Jim Cantwell to denounce the recent guidelines by the Department of Public Health to ban bake sales and school fundraisers that don’t meet strict nutritional guidelines, and urged Cantwell to publicly call on the department to rescind such recommendations.

Cantwell was a staunch supporter of the 2010 junk food ban bill, the impetus for the Department of Public Health’s guidelines that would outlaw bake sales. Cantwell spoke on the House floor about the importance of having DPH set standards to regulate what food schools can and cannot sell.

This bill as we have heard will transform our school environment.  Number one directing the Department of Public Health to set standards that will have the sale of healthy foods at school, and the nutritional guidelines that allow for fresh foods and fruits vegetables  to be the directive, and replacing soda with healthier choices. ” –  Rep. James Cantwell – 1/28/2010 – 1:57 PM

Coulter said Cantwell’s position to impose such strict government overreach into the fundraisers of our children’s sports teams and activities is another example of Beacon Hill being out of touch.

“This is a classic example of Beacon Hill and bureaucrats thinking they know best,” Coulter said. “I oppose these regulations and the nanny-state mentality that believes that Beacon Hill knows better than local parents.  I call on Rep. Cantwell to oppose these regulations immediately.”

News of the bake sale ban has sparked national fury, but thus far been met with silence from Cantwell.  

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